Business Law Lawyers Rockville, MD 

Business Law Lawyers Rockville, MD


Nothing might be more frustrating when you have worked hard to complete a job for a client or employer, and you did so, only to find out that they will not be paying you. When this happens you might feel upset and confused about what you should do next. It may be a good idea to talk with business law lawyers in Rockville, MD for advice. 

What You Should Do if You Aren’t Paid for the Work You Do

Fair pay for work has been a hot topic for years, but what happens if your employer, or otherwise the party who contracts work to you, fails to pay you at all for the work you do? You rely on a steady paycheck to support yourself and your family, so you can’t afford to face a predicament such as this. Fortunately, there are legal avenues you can pursue to get the money you deserve. Here are some tips from leading business law lawyers in Rockville, MD:

Talk Directly to Your Employer

Your first step should be to have a frank discussion with your manager, the human resource representative at your company, or your client (if you had a private, independent contract).  While your employer may have knowingly withheld pay from you, it’s possible that there was a mistake or oversight in this lack of payment. Perhaps there was a processing error or something wrong with the accounting system. Maybe there was a problem with your financial institution or with your direct deposit. It’s important to bring these issues to light with your company. This will give your employer the opportunity to correct the situation or give its explanation. It’s also possible that your company is struggling financially and simply can’t make payroll. If they will not fix the issue, you might want to call the business law lawyers in Rockville, MD.

Speak With the Department of Labor

If you find that your company is at fault for purposefully paying you less than you deserve or not paying you at all, you should talk to a representative with the Department of Labor from your state. Your state will have certain laws that require companies to pay for hours you work and will impose penalties when organizations don’t comply. This office can also help you understand these laws and what your rights are.

Hire an Attorney

Another effective course of action can be to hire an experienced, skilled business law attorney Rockville, MD workers count on for results. You can find a lawyer near you that specializes in employment law. This professional can advise you on the best ways to proceed. He or she will evaluate your case and determine whether you have grounds to sue or take your company to small claims court. Such a lawsuit can help you get the payment you earned and hold your employer accountable for breaking laws and regulations.

You work hard at your craft and expect fair pay for the tasks you fulfill. When your employer doesn’t hold up its end of the bargain and willingly fails to pay you, there are some things you should do. By speaking with your company leaders, consulting with the Department of Labor, or working closely with the business law lawyers in Rockville, MD, you can get through this troubling ordeal. Contact The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright today to learn more.

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