The Basics of Business Law

Business Lawyer in Rockville MDAs an experienced business lawyer in Rockville MD, we know that a company’s success lies in its understanding of the basics of business law. At The Law Offices of Daniel J. Wright, we are dedicated to helping business owners traverse the often complicate legal regulations by which they must abide.

Compliance with the many regulations that face businesses today is imperative to its survival and avoidance of legal consequences. Both your state and country will have its own rules regarding the operation of your business. The following are general overviews of common laws that affect businesses today.

Online Businesses: Internet businesses now have a strong corner of the market and profit extremely well; and while they are free from many of the functional corporate constraints, they do not have complete freedom from regulations. As a business lawyer in Rockville MD can explain, there are actually many in place, and as the industry grows, the law is trying to keep up with it.

Advertising and Marketing Services/Firms: Marketing and advertising services are the key to any successful business. As an experienced business lawyer in Rockville MD, we understand the many rules about making false claims in advertising and now the law demands they be truthful.

Intellectual Property: A business’s intellectual property is perhaps the facet of the business you need to protect the most. If you neglect to do so, your company’s name, symbols, and other information are at risk to be stolen or copied. A good way to protect it is filing for a trademark to make sure no one can take credit for your intellectual property. You can get the appropriate paperwork from a business lawyer in Rockville MD.

Employment and Labor Regulations: Employees run the business effectively by doing all the necessary daily functions to run and maintain the workplace. Labor laws exist to protect those employees and ensure that employees are treated legally and fairly. Different requirements that factor into labor law include:

  • Following child labor laws
  • Paying minimum wage
  • Keeping in touch with Human Resources
  • Rules maintaining extra payment for overtime.

Maintaining Workplace Safety and Health: Safety should be top priority in the workplace and it is an employer’s job to comply with regulations put in place to make your company safe for everyone around. There can be consequences for injuries on the job, most companies are required to prepare for that by purchasing workers compensation insurance which is mandated in some states.

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Business law is complex and an understanding of it is the difference between your business thriving or being shut down. Thankfully, with an experienced business law attorney by your side, you can be sure you are following all the proper regulations to keep your business running smoothly. Call a skilled and experienced business lawyer in Rockville MD from The Law Offices of Daniel J. Wright today.

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