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Civil Litigation Lawyer Rockville MDThere are many kinds of civil litigation, as a civil litigation lawyer Rockville MD relies on can attest.

Replevin is a kind of lawsuit where someone has property and you want it back. This is a complaint that can be used in a variety of situations. For example, if you lend something valuable to a friend or neighbor and they won’t return it. It can also be used against the government. Our office has successfully sued the county police to gain the return of personal property seized from a person in the course of an arrest and never returned.

A similar kind of civil case is a forfeiture proceeding. When the police arrest someone and they find money on their person, they will often simply keep it. Later, they may try to claim that the money was tainted by or used in connection with drug transactions, as a civil litigation lawyer Rockville MD trusts knows all to well. This may be completely false. However, getting the money or property back from the police (who have the burden of proving the connection to illicit transactions) is not an easy thing. Our office has experience in obtaining the return of money seized by the police unjustifiably. Even though it originated in a criminal prosecution, filing to have the money returned is a civil proceeding.  Searching for Basic Legal Terminology?

As a civil litigation lawyer Rockville MD residents turn to can attest, Defamation suits are becoming more common in the age of social media. It is easier than ever before to spread prejudicial information about someone, either anonymously or not, through the use of FaceBook, Instagram and other social media websites. Some websites even cater to those who seek to publish compromising information about former partners, or to name women who broke up relationships, or to criticize neighbors or co-workers. Our office once represented a married woman whose husband was having an adulterous relationship. She wanted to post the paramour’s name on a website. Was this legal? One judge said no; a later judge said yes. Many states now have “revenge porn” laws to protect intimate videos from being posted on the internet, although enforcement of these laws is often intermittent. Our office represented a woman who was horrified to learn that a private video she had allowed to be made several years earlier turned up on the internet at the behest of a former boyfriend. Forcing it to be removed proved to be a Herculean task, but was eventually successful. Publishing negative information about someone on the internet can involve First Amendment rights of the speaker, privacy rights of the person posted about, as well as possible harassment. When has a speaker gone too far and crossed over into harassment?  Is truth always a defense? What about opinions? These questions have no clear answers and courts will likely be inconsistent in their rulings for some time to come.

Businesses, churches and other institutions frequently become embroiled in disputes that spill out into the court system and need a civil litigation lawyer Rockville MD communities rely on. Daniel J. Wright office has represented many businesses with regard to contract disputes, as well as controversies over who actually owns the company. Although one might think churches would not be involved in litigation, in fact many churches have factions and power struggles that cannot be resolved through normal internal procedures. These may involve management of the church, ownership of church property, or the employment of the pastor. A civil litigation lawyer Rockville MD trusts at our firm has experience in all of these areas, as well as helping churches gain 501(c)(3) status from the IRS.


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