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August 15, 2018

5 Tips To Increase Your Chances of Child Custody

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When fighting for custody of your child, it is important to keep your emotions under control and focus on what you want to achieve. An attorney can understand just how much your relationship with your child means to you, and will do what we can to get you a verdict that brings you relief. There are certain do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when going through a child custody battle with your ex. These tips below can help you present yourself in the most positive light, in order to increase your chances of being awarded custody.

#1 Do Show Willingness to Cooperate

Especially when it comes to your ex, showing you are willing to collaborate can speak volumes to the judge. While things between you and your ex may be hostile, try to keep these feelings aside during the hearing. The family court wants to see that you both are willing to work together for the benefit of your child.

#2 Request a Home Evaluation

If you are concerned that your ex may try to speak badly about you in court, request an in-home custody evaluation. You asking for a professional to inspect your home can show the judge that you have nothing to hide, and are open about the environment in which you plan to raise your child.

#3 Presentation Can Make or Break the Decision

Do not forget to also dress the part when you attend your child custody hearing. Present yourself as a confident, engaged, loving and competent parent by arriving on time, dressing appropriately and being respectful to your ex in front of the judge.

#4 Work with a Child Custody Attorney

An attorney can offer guidance and representation as you get prepared for the hearing. A legal professional can also inform you about child custody laws that apply for your state. While a child custody attorney is not required, it is highly recommended as he or she can provide insight that you may not have been aware of that which impacts the verdict.

#5 Do Not Refuse Court Requests

During the hearing, it is important to show the judge you are prepared to do what it takes to take proper care of, and obtain custody of your child. If they suggest you attend a parenting class, go to therapy or move to a bigger place, then take these things into serious consideration. By being agreeable, it can show just how far you are willing to go for your child.

A lawyer,  can help as you go through the process of a break-up, separation or divorce that involves children. They can understand that things are going to be changing, and the creation of a new family dynamic must be established and offer strategy and support as you fight for custody of your child.

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