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What is child support?

This is the support that every parent owes to their children. In Maryland, the law presumes that children are entitled to the support of both parents. Each parent pays to support their children.

How is child support calculated?

In Maryland, as in most states, there is a formula for the determination of child support. It is based primarily on the parents’ income. Other inputs include work-related day care expenses, sometimes health insurance, uninsured medicals and educational needs. The expenses of the children are divided in relation to the relative income of the parents. So, if one parent earns 60% of the total family income, that parent will pay 60% of the expenses.

What if the custodial parent won’t let the other parent see the children?

That isn’t a reason not to pay child support. Child support is the children’s money and it isn’t right to punish them for the wrongdoings of the parents.

What if a party is afraid his ex-spouse will just spend the money on herself?

Too bad. The law doesn’t provide for one party to require an accounting from the other party. It is assumed that raising children costs a certain amount of money, whether the other party sees it being spent or not.

May people consider it a hostile act to put the other parent on child support. Do you agree with this view?

Absolutely not. A person shouldn’t be reluctant to support their children. In fact, one could well argue that it is irresponsible not to fight for child support. This is the children’s money. The child can’t fight for it. He or she is too young. You can’t fault the parent for standing up and advocating for their children.

What if one party has a lot of debts, or a high mortgage? Will the judge take that into account?

No. The child support guidelines have limited inputs and the expenses of the parents are not one of them. The judge will tell that person to get another job.

What if a person has a job that pays cash and doesn’t report all their income?

That can be a big problem. Many people are dishonest. Nevertheless, there are ways of reconstructing what someone’s income is by reviewing bank records, monthly expenses, and activities. It isn’t easy and it isn’t always successful, however.

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