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Family Law Counsel Rockville MD

Family Law Counsel Rockville MD

Family Law Counsel Rockville MDAt The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright, we provide Family Law Counsel Rockville MD residents trust. We understand that there may be times in our lives where having an attorney on your side can be beneficial. Depending on what is going on in your family unit, you may need a legal professional for guidance and protection. If you are a new client, we are happy to provide a brief consultation at no cost to you, so you can learn about your options during this time.

It is not uncommon for people to come to us wondering whether they even need an attorney at all, or whether they can handle a situation by themselves. Some of the most common reasons why people need help from a family lawyer include:

Issues with Divorce

Navigating the at times murky and unpredictable waters of divorce can be tricky. There are many laws for divorce and plenty of moving parts to consider as the divorce proceeding goes on. An attorney can help you make choices regarding child support, alimony, assets, and more. We can see to it that your rights are safeguarded and that you get all that you are entitled to. 

At The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright, we have experience representing victims of domestic violence in a marriage. Oftentimes, this is the catalyst that causes a marriage to end in divorce. We are well aware that if you are the victim of abuse in your marriage, that you may be particularly concerned about your safety. Trust us when we say that a family lawyer Rockville MD families rely on, knows how to take precautions and action so that you and your children are not within reach of harm. If domestic violence is an element of your divorce, we strongly encourage you to obtain legal representation right away. 

Settling Child Custody Matters

The topic of child custody is frequently a heated and contentious issue. We know how complex and messy child custody can be, especially if you are trying to negotiate with an ex that is not being cooperative. And sadly, sometimes one parent will use children against the other during divorce, as a way to get back at their ex. If your spouse is using your kids as pawns, please let us know immediately. Other reasons that child custody can be difficult to settle include:

    • One spouse wants to move away after divorce
    • One parent has been violent, abusive, or neglectful towards children but is fighting for custody
    • One spouse has moved on romantically and is seeking revenge at all costs
    • The parents do not agree on how to raise the children, such as where they go to school, medical care, extracurriculars, etc. 

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If you are in need of help for a family law matter, such as divorce, child custody, guardianship, etc., then please call The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright for Rockville, MD Family Law Counsel today! 

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