Online Crimes Lawyer rockville mdConviction on Internet sex crimes charges in state or federal court carry a number of life-changing consequences — years behind bars, heavy fines that drain your finances, a criminal record that never goes away, permanent damage to your personal reputation and mandatory sex offender registration that makes you a marked person in your community.

With the dawn and take over of the internet age, great deal of criminal conduct has shifted online. While the perceived anonymity the internet might seem to give license to illegal activity, the guidelines for illegal behavior remain the same in the digital world as that do in the real world. Though method of conducting certain offenses may have changed, the law and its consequences most certainly have not. Instead, law enforcement agencies have adapted their investigative uncover unsavory behavior online, particularly when it comes to internet sex crimes. While cutting edge,  some of these new techniques may not be as reliable or within their rights as the authorities would have everyone believe.

If you were arrested for online solicitation, solicitation of a minor, distribution of child pornography or sexting in Maryland or Washington, D.C., contact the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright. We will aggressively protect your rights with strong, nonjudgmental criminal defense representation.

Online Solicitation Charges:

In most states, this charge entails the exchange of a sex act for money or something else of value. In the internet age, solicitation for prostitution is happening less and less on street corners and darkened alleys, but rather in various websites and online platforms — for example, Craigslist and

For prosecutors to charge you with solicitation, they do not need to prove that you actually handed over compensation for a sex act. Rather, solicitation is the attempt to establish an agreement for exchanging compensation for sexual relations. This means, they only need to prove just that you offered or agreed to participate in this kind of activity in some way. In our modern age, this usually comes in the form of online comments, messages through a website, instant messages, and of course, emails.

Online Solicitation of a Minor Charges:

Soliciting a minor online can actually encompass a various different crimes. The specific offense with which you are charged depends on the actual facts of the case, including the purpose of your communications with the minor, the minor’s age of the minor, and the end results of the communications.

Speak with an attorney experienced in Online Crimes Rockville, MD residents know about today discuss your specific charges surrounding the solicitation of a minor today. There are many factors to consider in a case of this kind, and having a professional examine your case helps you understand and maintain your rights.

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Daniel J. Wright has successfully advocated for people just like you — professionals, heads of households, college students and others — who stand accused of a broad range of serious sex offenses. He has been recognized as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer for good reason: He explores every avenue that could win a reduction or dismissal of your charges, including illegal search and seizure, entrapment and coerced confessions.

Did the authorities confiscate your computer and cellphone, and monitor your online activity? There are very strict rules that govern how they can resort to these measures, such as the requirement of a warrant. If inadmissible evidence led to your charges, attorney Wright will work hard to have that evidence thrown out.

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