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Real Estate Dispute Lawyer Rockville MD

Real Estate Dispute Lawyer Rockville MD

Real Estate Dispute Lawyer Rockville MDChoosing to buy real estate is not something that you want to do in a rush and certainly something that may require a call to a Rockville MD real estate dispute lawyer. The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright knows how complex of a process it can be, and because of this, many people hire our legal services for assistance. A Rockville MD real estate dispute lawyer who is experienced with real estate can help with many issues, such as property tax appeals, litigation, property valuation, and other lawsuits.

For instance, those who are aiming to sell or purchase property, can have their business law lawyer Rockville MD review the real estate to ensure it is priced correctly, does not violate any laws, and abides by zoning regulations. If you have recently encountered a real estate litigation problem, know that you can rely on our real estate dispute lawyer serving Rockville, Maryland for the support you need. 

Not every attorney is knowledgeable in the same area of practice as others. It is important to the outcome of your litigation dispute to have someone with years of practice assisting clients in similar situations. Here are a few reasons why it is in your best interest to hire an attorney at The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright

Help with Permits and Licensing
An attorney who is seasoned in real estate can be helpful when you need advice about how you can use your property once purchased. We can offer guidance as you apply for building permits or licensing, to ensure you are abiding by regulations.

Evaluate The Property Before Purchase

A Rockville MD real estate dispute lawyer is well aware of how other parties may use certain techniques to hide inadequacies or list unfair property values. As a rule of thumb, if the property seems like it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. If you aren’t sure where the issue may be, we can evaluate the property before you buy to uncover any inconsistencies, violations, or structural problems. 

Lease Agreement Negotiation

Real estate dispute lawyer representing Rockville MD residents and business owners has the necessary experience to handle and anticipate potential issues associated with real estate agreements. We can review rental agreement and identify problems, including those that may lead to disputes later on down the road. We can confirm that every detail has been considered before providing your signature. 

Protect Your Best Interests

We can review legal documents before you sign, and fix even small errors in the way a contract is worded or described. We have your best interests in mind, when perhaps the other party doesn’t, as they are probably more focused on just making money. Our Rockville MD real estate dispute lawyer at The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright doesn’t take their job lightly, as getting into a contract from purchasing or selling real estate can cause disputes if careful consideration isn’t taken. Trust us when we say that you need someone with a legal eye to assess your real estate transaction before finalization. 

Real Estate Disputes in General

Litigation over a sale contract, commercial lease, property tax assessment, insurance policy, partnership agreement, title documents, or design-build contracts are all categorized under real estate disputes. From experience, our real estate dispute lawyers Rockville, MD trusts believe that most issues arise due to information that was not fully disclosed during the beginning stages of a property contractual agreement.

Unfortunately, one party may withhold information from the buyer, causing the buyer to make a decision that they wouldn’t have if they received that information before signing on the dotted line.

If you are currently dealing with any of the following real estate issues, then don’t hesitate to contact our Rockville real estate dispute lawyers for more information:

  • Real estate and antitrust 
  • Commercial or residential property leases
  • Insurance disputes
  • Mechanic’s lien claims
  • Boundary conflicts
  • Easement rights
  • Fraudulent inducement
  • Negligent representation
  • Title and title insurance disputes
  • Construction property defects
  • Subdivision development
  • Construction loans
  • Construction contracts
  • Foreclosures
  • Lien priority litigation
  • Real estate finance problems
  • Homeowners Association (HOA) disagreements 
  • Eminent domain and condemnations
  • Zoning issues
  • Land-use restrictions
  • Property sale transactions

Confusing Contract Terms
Sometimes there is wording in a contract that is too broad or worded in a confusing way and needs clarification to prevent the likelihood of litigation in the future. Both parties may sign the documents thinking they have interpreted contract terms in the same way but find out later that is definitely not the case. That is why we always recommend having us review contract documents before signing them.

But, if you already finalized on a property transaction but are unhappy with the outcome, we can evaluate your claim to see if you have a strong case for real estate litigation.

Reasons for Real Estate Litigation

There is a multitude of reasons why litigation would arise regarding real estate, requiring the help of trusted Rockville, Maryland real estate dispute lawyers. Some of the most common reasons disputes occur is due to:

  • Breach of Contract: when either party has failed to uphold their end of the contract terms and the party who received loss may be compensated for resulting damages. 
  • Failing to Disclose: buyers of real estate have to disclose required information, and if they don’t, the seller may pursue real estate legal action. 
  • Implied Warranties: if an implied or expressed warranty gets breached, buyers have the right to seek compensation through a civil lawsuit. 
  • Breach of Duty: real estate agents who do not act with their client’s best interests may face a civil lawsuit for breach of duty. 

Contact us today to speak with the real estate dispute lawyers in Rockville, MD from the Law Office Of Daniel J. Wright about how our knowledgeable team can help you through a real estate litigation dispute. 

If you are currently looking to sell or purchase real estate, or are dealing with a dispute regarding property, then contact The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright today for prompt legal assistance. A real estate dispute lawyer in Rockville MD is ready to take your call.

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