Child Support Lawyer Rockville MD

Child Support Lawyer Rockville MD

When you are going through a divorce that involves minor children, requires legal counsel, or the need to go through the family court system, you will likely want a child support lawyer in Rockville, MD from The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright on your side. You can trust us with your best interests, and those of your children. Our advice is trustworthy and stems from many years of experience and knowledge.

Finding a child support lawyer in Rockville, Maryland to be your advocate is no easy feat. You will find dozens of lawyers, but not all are equal or even handle the same types of legal matters. How do you know which child support lawyer is preferred for your specific case?

The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright can provide you with the advice you’re looking for to help you make a sound decision about your choice in legal advocacy. We’ll carefully review your case and listen to your concerns. Following, we’ll explore the most realistic options for your individual needs. To speak directly with our team at The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright, please call us today.

Family Law Matters We Handle

For decades, our experienced Rockville, MD child support lawyers have been handling a very broad range of family law matters not limited to child support cases. Regardless of how big or small, or how complex your own situation might be, we are confident in our ability to help you get the results you are looking for. Family law matters we handle include:

  • Child support
  • Child support modifications
  • Enforcing court orders
  • Wage garnishments
  • Visitation
  • Child custody
  • Divorce or legal separation
  • Paternity testing
  • Adoption
  • Guardianship
  • Temporary relief orders
  • Orders of protection
  • Kidnapping
  • Out of state and international child custody/support matters

When you reach out to our Rockville, MD child support lawyer, you can feel peace of mind in knowing that we will treat your legal matter with the attention, care, and respect that it, you, and your family deserve.

Submitting Your Request for Child Support

Filing for child support is certainly not a simple process, and depending on your state, you may have to begin the application online and then show up at your local child support enforcement office. The entire process can be complicated and time-consuming, so we recommend parents consult with a MD child support lawyer in Rockville for assistance. We can review paperwork, offer insight, and answer any questions you have about potential outcomes.

What to Bring With You When Filing

Before showing up to your local child support agency to submit a request for the first time or a modification, we suggest taking time to prepare yourself. Our Rockville, MD child support lawyers will let you know that, you will want to bring with you a valid photo ID, a birth certificate for your child, proof of address, and the other parent’s information.

A valid ID can be your driver’s license or a current passport. To prove your address, you can use a paid rent receipts, utility bills, or mortgage statement. When it comes to providing information on your ex, you may have more or less to share depending on your relationship with the other parent. Any details you have can be helpful, such as a phone number, email, place of employment, and/or current address.

Other Useful Documents

A Rockville, Maryland child support lawyer at the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright may also suggest obtaining copies of other useful documents, just in case the representative at your local child support office asks for it. If you don’t have all the information required at the time of your appointment, this may put a halt on your application until you can come back at a later time. Examples of documents our Rockville, MD child support lawyer will tell you to bring to take with you for your appointment are items like:

  • Proof of Paternity: if you had a DNA test performed or an affidavit
  • Proof of Income: W-2 forms and/or recent pay stubs
  • Social Security Cards: for both you and each child
  • Evidence of Recent Payments: if you are requesting modifications to child support, take with you evidence related to payments, such as the amounts, whether the payment was late, or the other parent has refused to pay entirely
  • Current Child Support Orders: provide documentation given by the court that lists the existing child support orders 

Child Support Lawyers in Rockville, MD Have Spent Years Working In and Out of the Family Court

Not all child support cases are equal. Some can be settled through negotiation and mediation; however, there will be those that are heard before a Family Court judge. In these situations, emotions are often heated and tension runs high. You might not want a lawyer who is in the very early stages of their career, and has no courtroom experience. Rather, you should rely on a Rockville, MD child support lawyer, who knows the laws, rules, procedures, courtroom, judge, and the most effective strategy for securing your desired outcome.

Enforcing Child Support

Sometimes the paying spouse misses multiple child support payments, or refuses to pay all together. In this unfortunate situation, you may need to ask a judge to enforce the order. We can help you to receive your child’s payments through a number of methods such as:

  • Wage garnishment
  • Intercepting unemployment benefits
  • Suspending professional licenses
  • Notifying creditors
  • Jail time and fines could also apply

Begin Your Legal Action with a Free Consultation

Determining who will pay for child support and how much can be one of the most complicated parts of a divorce. Trying to deal with the situation on your own could make it more difficult. Talk with a lawyer for child support in Rockville, MD from The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright to find out how our decades of experience can help.

How Can I Collect Outstanding Child Support Payments?

Is your child’s other parent always late when paying child support? Or is your child’s other parent refusing to pay outstanding child support debt outright? Delays in support payments and refusal to meet child support obligations are challenges that too many American families experience on a regular basis. Thankfully, there are legal tools available designed to help right the wrongs caused by consistently delayed, inadequate or missing payments. Working with The Law Office of David J. Wright, a Rockville, MD child support lawyer can help sort out your family’s unique situation by working to ensure that you do not have to weather these specific challenges over and over again.


If your child’s other parent is struggling for certain significant reasons, like temporary or permanent job loss, sudden disability, etc. it may be worth exploring the possibility of securing a child support modification. Modifications to existing orders may generally be obtained through mediation, negotiation led by a Rockville, MD child support lawyer or a formal request of the court. This path may be a good route for you if you believe that your child’s other parent is unlikely to be physically or practically able to make his or her scheduled payments (for a legitimate reason) for quite some time. Modifying your existing orders in order to reduce payment amounts and/or alter the timetable for when they are due may help to ensure that your payments moving forward are received on time and in full.

Enforcement Actions

If your child’s other parent refuses to pay outstanding child support debts, this situation may be remedied through an enforcement action. You can work with a Maryland child support lawyer serving Rockville, to have your child’s other parent served with official notice of non-compliance. If that step does not produce results, you can request that the court order your child’s other parent to pay. At this point, if your child’s other parent does not cooperate, he or she could face significant legal consequences in addition to remaining obligated to repay the outstanding debts.

Depending on the circumstances, your child’s other parent may have their wages garnished, their tax returns intercepted and/or their professional, business and/or driver’s license(s) revoked. The state takes the matter of outstanding child support debt very seriously. For help, call our child support lawyer that Rockville, MD residents rely on. 

Child Support Assistance Is Available

If you have concerns about child support collection, please consider connecting with an experienced family law attorney. Whether you are interested in pursuing a child support modification, initiating a child support enforcement action or are unsure of what path might be best for you and your child, a Rockville, MD child support lawyer can provide significant guidance and support.

There are times when parents are made to feel bad (by loved ones, acquaintances and/or even the media) for attempting to collect overdue child support. Please understand that the law protects the right to receive current and overdue child support for critically important reasons. Seeking what you are owed under the law is nothing to be embarrassed about. But with that said, please understand that consulting with The Law Office of David J. Wright regarding your specific situation is a confidential process, so you have no reason to hesitate to connect with our child support lawyer serving Rockville, MD for legal guidance.


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