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Child Visitation Lawyer Rockville MD

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A Child Visitation Lawyer Rockville MD Trusts Discusses Potential Parental Visitation Issues

Child Visitation Lawyer Rockville MD

As a child visitation lawyer from Law Office Of Daniel Wright can tell you, a parental visitation agreement does not guarantee that all will go smoothly. In fact, there are many instances in which the child’s safety can be placed in danger while in the care of a parent. The child’s welfare should remain the primary concern of all involved, including the parents or guardians. A child visitation lawyer from our firm can help you accomplish this. Call us to arrange a case review with an attorney from our firm to learn more.

When a Parent Tries to Interfere with Child Visitation

The court is expected to uphold their rulings on child visitation arrangements. When one or both parents interfere with that arrangement or tries to destroy the other parent’s relationship with their child, the other parent may have grounds to petition for a change of custody. A common example of child visitation interference is when the custodial parent does not turn the child over to the non-custodial parent at the pre-agreed date and time. Talk to a Rockville MD child visitation lawyer about the circumstances of your case. If your child’s other parent is attempting to prevent you from spending court-authorized time with your child, we may be able to help.

Parental Unfitness

If the other parent is putting the safety or health of your child at risk, a judge might revoke their visitation rights. Your child visitation lawyer can petition the court to do exactly this. Depending on the nature of the other parent’s behavior, they may face criminal charges as well. Even if the other parent is not engaging in any of the following activities but has friends or family who are doing so in the presence of your child, it can be cause for revoking their visitation rights. Here are some common examples of parental unfitness:

  • Child neglect or abandonment.
  • Taking illegal drugs or excessively drinking alcohol to the point where they are not able to safely care for the child.
  • Physically harming the child or threatening to do so.
  • Emotionally harming the child.
  • Sexually harming the child.
  • Mental illness. For example, if they lose awareness of their environment they may forget to turn the stove off, pay the utility bills, purchase groceries, etc. Any of this kind of behavior can put the child at risk.
  • Incarceration. While this in itself is not a reason to deny visitation with the child, if a court determines that it is unsafe in any way for the child to visit the other parent in prison, their rights may be suspended until they are no longer incarcerated.

Consult a Child Visitation Lawyer in Rockville MD

If you have concerns about child custody matters, call the Law Office Of Daniel Wright to request a consultation with a child visitation lawyer Rockville MD clients recommend who can provide you with the guidance you need to make an informed decision about future actions.

If you are seeking visitation rights to minor-aged relatives, a child visitation lawyer Rockville MD trusts may be able to help you receive visitation rights to the child. Child visitation laws dictate the rights of noncustodial parents. This includes if they are allowed to spend time with the child, how much time, and the circumstances of the visits. In the case of the parents’ legal separation or divorce, the court can make two rulings in regards to the custody: legal custody and physical custody.

Common Child Custody Issues

A wide number of legal disputes can emerge with respect to child visitation. After a couple splits, very often the relationship turns hostile. This can make it difficult to come to an agreement on the terms and conditions of child custody arrangements. The services of a Rockville child visitation lawyer can be beneficial as he or she can offer a non-emotional and objective legal perspective. It may take as long as nine months for the court to make a ruling regarding one or more custody issues. A lawyer can help you avoid court by negotiating the following on your behalf:

  • Visitation times. All too often, parents are not able to agree on a visitation schedule. This often requires the court to review the situation and subsequently decide on the matter. Once the court determines the child visitation schedule, one parent may later decide not to abide to the schedule for any given reason. This can lead to a disagreement between the two parties.
  • Parenting choices. Contention can occur when either parent does not agree with the other parent’s decisions made on behalf of the child such as religious upbringing, educational choices, and other important matters. A child visitation lawyer in Rockville MD such as Daniel J. Wright may be able to help you negotiate changes to the original child visitation agreement that satisfies both sides. In this way, you can avoid returning to court.

Protect Your Rights

A skilled child visitation lawyer Rockville MD residents deserve can guide you toward understanding of your legal rights and ensure your rights are protected. We understand that every situation is unique and holds its own set of challenges and circumstances. It may be advantageous to review your situation with a child visitation lawyer Rockville MD residents recommend. Daniel J. Wright has a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in this area of the law. He has assisted many parents who were in the midst of difficult child visitation issues. If you a parent, grandparent, or legally recognized guardian, Daniel J. Wright may be able to help you.

A Child Custody Attorney Who Cares

The emotional impact of a child custody case can wear on anyone suffering through the proceedings, which is why many often turn to the Law Office of Daniel Wright for court representation. As a child visitation lawyer Rockville MD, for years we have fought for the rights of parents, offering services with only the kindest of support, yet most aggressive law strategies. We can help ensure your child is not taken away from you, and prevent added hardship being caused to all parties in the family dynamic. We seek to make this a winning case, so you can move forward with your child and maintain a positive relationship post-divorce.

Child Custody Considerations

1)  Custody Percentage: sometimes known as timeshare, it is defined as how often children get to spend time with each parent, and is one of the main concerns facing a family when in the courtroom

2)  Parenting Plan Agreements: creating a set of guidelines will help alleviate building tensions between parents when they are held accountable to follow a specific plan

3) Holiday Visitation Scheduling: the holidays are the biggest time of the year in which families want to spend time together, so determining ahead of time which parent gets visitation for every holiday is imperative

4) Non-Winter Visitation: day-to-day or weekly, parents must agree as much as possible which days they will spend with their child and how they will transport them to the other parent’s home in a respectful manner

5) Parental Alienation: an emotionally difficult situation where the child rejects the parent due to mistrust or blame, and as a result parents respond by distancing

The refusal of a parent to co-parent or communicate with his or her child can be seen as psychological or physical abuse. Due to a building dislike between each parent, one may speak badly of the other and accuse them of not caring about the child. This type of behavior is not tolerable in the court of law. By having a Rockville MD child visitation lawyer on your side if this occurs, they can request an investigation or psychological evaluation of your former partner.

Unfortunately, because of the nature of divorce, it is possible a child can start acting differently or result in damage to the child’s growing development. If this is the case, a child visitation lawyer Rockville MD may remind your former partner this behavior is not acting in the best interest of the child. Further legal action can be taken if the other parent is non-responsive to custody discussions.

Please give us a call today to speak with our child visitation lawyer Rockville MD. By choosing the Law Office of Daniel Wright, we can fight for the best care of your child and can protect them from further emotional trauma. We firmly believe that your family does not have to suffer the consequences of divorce forever, and can aim to heal every person involved in the proceedings. Your child is our highest priority, and can ensure they have everything needed in order to continue living a happy and healthy life.

Receive a Free Case Review

If you need help applying for modification of a child custody arrangement, or to receive first-time court approved visitations, call Daniel J. Wright to request a free case review. A child visitation lawyer Rockville MD is proud to offer can offer the legal guidance you need. Call Daniel J. Wright to request your free consultation. Take this opportunity to speak with a child visitation lawyer Rockville MD families turn to for answers and call today.

How to Make the Most Out of Visitations with Your Children

Tips from a Child Visitation Lawyer In Rockville MD Trusts

Child Visitation Lawyer Rockville MDIf you are divorced from your spouse, you may have already worked out a visitation schedule for your children. Such a plan specifies the amount of time that kids will have with their parents. While no visitation schedule is perfect, it’s important to make the best of the situation. If you will be sharing time with your children, a custody lawyer in Rockville MD from the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright might suggest these tips:

Explain the Schedule to Your Children

A visitation schedule may seem strange to your children at first, so it’s important to thoroughly explain its purpose and how it will work. For example, if they will be living in your ex’s home and visiting with you every other weekend, you should explain that. If it makes things easier, consider setting up a calendar for your children. A custody lawyer in Rockville MD from the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright can help you work out a visitation schedule if you do not already have one.

Be Flexible

Although it’s best to keep a visitation schedule as consistent as possible, there may be days when changes are necessary. For example, if the other parent has an unexpected emergency and needs you to watch the children when it wasn’t your scheduled time, try to be accommodating. If you ever need to adjust your schedule in the future, the other parent may be more willing to help you out as a result.

Have a Great Time

No matter how stressed you are, try to have as much fun as possible during every visit with your kids. Take your children to the park, museum, or other fun places in Rockville MD when they come to stay at your house. Every moment you have with your children is precious, so you should make the most of them. If you don’t want to be out and about one day, you can still have a nice time at home. For instance, you could rent a movies, order pizza, and play board games with your kids.

Contact Your Children Between Visitations

If your children spend the majority of their time with the other parent, there’s no reason why you can’t contact them between visitations. Whether you call your kids to tell them goodnight or video chat with them over the computer, it will give you a chance to further connect with them. They will appreciate the effort you’re making and know that you enjoy talking to them.

Give Your Children Space

When your children visit you in your home in Rockville MD, it’s essential to make them feel as comfortable as possible. That means giving them their own room to call their own. Allow your kids to decorate the room how they want so that they truly feel at home.

Getting used to a visitation schedule may take some time. However, if you remain flexible and make the best of every visit, it will likely be easier on your children.

Assistance from a Child Visitation Lawyer Rockville MD Parents Rely On

If you ever have problems setting up a workable visitation schedule with your former spouse, consult a custody lawyer in Rockville MD from the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright. Call us to set up a free consultation.

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