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Custody Relocation Lawyer Rockville MD

Custody Relocation Lawyer in Rockville MD

Custody Relocation Lawyer Rockville MDAre you a separated parent with children living in Rockville MD? Do you have or want custody of your children, but there’s already a court-ordered custody agreement in place? If your answer to both questions is “Yes,” don’t worry. You can modify your Maryland custody agreement. But to do this successfully, you’ll need knowledgeable and compassionate lawyers at your side, such as the lawyers of The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright. Daniel J. Wright, Esq. has a reputation for results, particularly those involving family issues and custody agreements. You may contact a custody relocation lawyer Rockville MD and continue reading below.

What Is Custody Relocation?

Whether you’re married or divorced, you may need to uproot your family for various reasons. You may need to move due to work or to take care of a sick loved one. Whatever your unique case, if you have primary or sole custody, this means that your children will move with you. All parents of every state have a constitutional right to move with their children. Likewise, every state has different laws regarding what you must do first before you initiate this move. To ensure that you know your rights and follow state laws appropriately, consult with an experienced custody relocation lawyer in Rockville MD, call us for legal assistance.

What Are Problems I Can Encounter?

There are many problems you may encounter when you try to relocate with your children. Of course, there’s the matter of getting the other parent’s approval. Depending on your relationship with your ex, how far you’re moving, and whether your ex will easily be able to access her or his children, your ex can be reluctant to agree to custody relocation. But must you inform your children’s other parent of the move? Yes.

Under Maryland law, you must give the other parent a 90-day notice. However, there are two exceptions to this rule. A judge will waive this requirement if you can prove that the other parent is abusive and informing her or him of your move puts you and the children at risk of harm. The other exception is that your move will take place in less than 90 days for financial reasons or extenuating circumstances. In the latter applies, a judge should allow you to give notice in less than 90 days as long as you do provide sufficient notice about your relocation to your ex spouse.

Why Do I Need A Custody Relocation Lawyer?

Anytime you attempt to adjust custody agreements, it’s ideal to have a legal expert by your side. Laws can be complex. Any custody relocation form must be filled out properly and submitted timely. A lawyer can ensure that you do everything correctly so that your moving process isn’t delayed. Furthermore, a lawyer will advise you on how best to approach the situation with your ex and the judge.

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The decision to modify custody should be taken seriously. You’ll need a legal expert who’s familiar with this work. You’ll need a supportive custody modification lawyer in Rockville MD, such as The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright. If you’re in or near Rockville, Maryland, don’t hesitate. Call us now to schedule your free consultation. You may contact us online or call us at 301-655-8130 or send an inquiry to [email protected].

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