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High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer Rockville MD

High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer Rockville MD

High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer Rockville MD

If you are getting a high-asset divorce, you should speak to a high-net worth divorce lawyer Rockville MD residents trust. While all divorces can be complex, the stakes can be especially high in high net worth divorce. A skilled lawyer can help you get your divorce moving in the right direction.

How High-Net Worth Divorces Differ from Other Divorces

If you and your spouse are high-net worth individuals, your divorce will be more complicated. However, if you know what to expect and retain an experienced lawyer, you can reach a fair settlement. Here are a few ways divorce changes with high-net worth:

  • A High-Net Worth Divorce Is More Costly: Higher-net worth individuals have more assets to divide during a divorce, creating more work for their lawyers. This is why these divorces tend to be more expensive than divorces with fewer assets. Before you file your divorce, gather all your financial documents and put them in a safe place. It can become more difficult to find these documents once you and your spouse start dividing your belongings.
  • A High-Net Divorce Will Take Longer to Complete: People with high-assets can also expect their divorce to take a while to finalize. Evaluating all the assets takes time and determining whether they are considered separate or marital assets can lead to longer court battles.
  • A High-Net Divorce Results in Higher Child Support Payments: During most divorce cases, child support payments are determined based on the couple’s combined net income and the number of children being supported. However, if the couple’s income is higher than the maximum amount listed, the court will determine the child support payments on a case-by-case basis.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in High-Net-Worth Divorces

A high-net divorce can be especially stressful and mistakes can be made. Here are a few common mistakes a high-net-worth divorce lawyer in Rockville MD sees wealthy couples make during divorce:

  • Hiding Assets: Some high-net individuals may be more likely to hide assets from their spouse during a divorce. They might transfer assets to a friend or a business partner. However, this is considered fraud and could hurt your chances of getting a fair settlement.
  • Trying to Rush the Process: A divorce is a stressful ordeal, so it’s understandable that you want to get it over with as quickly as possible. However, if you make rash decisions without thinking them through, you could cheat yourself out of a fair settlement.
  • Not Understanding Your Assets: In many high-net-worth marriages, one spouse typically earns a lot more than the other and may know more about the assets than the lower-earning spouse. If you earn less than your spouse, you should have divorce lawyers Rockville MD residents count on to investigate whether there are any assets you don’t know about but are entitled to.

If you have more questions about your divorce, schedule a consultation with a high-net-worth divorce lawyer in Rockville MD.

High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer

A high-net-worth divorce lawyer Rockville MD residents rely on from The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright understands that if you are getting divorced, chances are you are very concerned about how much of your assets you may lose to your spouse. In divorce cases, oftentimes emotional stress is worsened by financial stress. So if you are someone with a high net worth, you may be even more worried about how things are going to unfold in your divorce settlement. If you feel stressed out about parting ways from your spouse and how that may impact your net worth, then call us today for more information. 

What is Considered High Net Worth?

Anyone with a million dollars in assets or more is considered of high net value. It is important that with that much money, you hire an attorney that is familiar with representing people with a high net worth. Aside from the standard divorce issues, divorces with a high net worth can impact other aspects of your finances. The court may scrutinize you and your spouse’s financial records to gain a picture of how the marriage functions monetarily. Our divorce lawyer Rockville MD clients trust may advise that if you are caught withholding information or being untruthful, the IRS may subject you to an investigation.

Examples of assets that may be questioned in a divorce of high net worth include:

  • Shared partnerships, business, or investments
  • Retirement accounts, benefits, and 401k 
  • Property holdings and real estate (such as your primary residence, vacation homes, timeshares, etc.)
  • International or out-of-state assets

Protecting Your Assets and Business

It is possible to protect your business and assets during a high-net-worth divorce. Many couples establish prenuptial agreements prior to marriage in order to safeguard their assets in the event of divorce. But, if you are already married, you can draft a postnuptial agreement. This document will serve the same function as a prenuptial. Lastly, if you have a business with your spouse, you may write a shareholder agreement to protect your assets. 

If you are past the point of being able to negotiate with your spouse, we can help reduce tension and keep the divorce process moving forward. With so much at stake, we can imagine the pressure you may be under, And separating from a spouse who is being challenged can surely put a road bump in things. However, your spouse cannot delay the inevitable forever. 

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We proudly service the Maryland area and are always happy to answer your questions and address divorce concerns. If you need knowledgeable and strategic legal guidance for a family law issue, such as divorce, child custody, alimony, and more, then please call The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright today for support from a high-net-worth divorce lawyer in Rockville, Maryland.

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