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December 15, 2017

Child Custody: Moving Out of State

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Child Custody: Moving Out of State

When planning to move out of state with your children, there are many things you should consider. By taking the steps below, it can help your relocation go more smoothly and help prevent any roadblocks along the way. The last thing you would need is not being able to move due to forgetting to complete an unforeseen task ahead of time.

#1 Consult with your Attorney

Talk with your divorce lawyer about the details of your child custody agreement. If you are the custodial parent, you may have to submit a formal notice to your former spouse about the request for relocation. There may be details in the agreement that prevent you from moving a certain distance away from the noncustodial parent. Additionally, depending on your state, there may be laws already instilled that you must follow in accordance with.  

#2 Attempt to Make an Agreement with Former Spouse

This can be tricky if you and your former spouse do not have a great relationship and things did not end amicably. However, by attempting to reach a compromise about where you would like to move, it can prevent each of you from having to attend court and the verdict being determined by a judge. If you are the custodial parent, it may help your case to offer the noncustodial parent longer periods of visitation in exchange of agreeing with your relocation.

#3 Hire a Moving Company

During your move, you will have to consider not only yourself but your children as well. Depending on their age, they may need constant care. Tending to their needs can take time away from packing and loading boxes. Moving all of your belongings to another state can be a more daunting and strenuous task than many people realize. By hiring one of the long distance moving companies Alexandria VA residents rely on to lift and relocate your belongings, it ultimately can save you money and time.

#4 Consider Schools in the Area

Check out schools around the area you want to relocate. Make sure the school offers quality education and is in a safe environment. Moving to a new city and realizing the best school of your choice is hours away, will quickly become stressful and may make you wish you hadn’t moved after all.

#5 Take into Consideration Costs for Visitation

If you are moving far enough in distance that your children are several hours or a plane flight away from the other parent, think about the additional costs in traveling. Hopefully your former spouse will help with these costs, but they may not want to since it was your decision to move farther away. Take a look at your finances to check there will be wiggle room for plane tickets or gas costs.

We hope these suggestions help make your move easier. Once you check that you are not breaking any agreements or laws by moving out of state, then hire a company to make your move less stressful. Once all is said and done, you can start getting excited about your new future and home with your children!

Thank you to our friends and contributors from Suburban Solutions for their help in providing moving services information.

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