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How to Modify a Child Support Agreement?

How to Modify a Child Support Agreement?child support lawyer Rockville MD

After your marriage is terminated, you might think you will not have to deal with child support issues or need a Rockville, MD child support lawyer. After all, the agreement was finalized after the divorce. However, a large percentage of the legal services that our child support lawyer at The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright provides for our clients is focused on modifications to existing agreements. Because of the legal obligations associated with a child support agreement, it’s very important to put any modifications in writing so that you cannot later be accused of making unauthorized changes. Our child support lawyer serving Rockville, MD can work with you and the other parent’s lawyer to finalize a legally binding modified agreement.

Criteria for Modifying a Child Support Agreement

A common question posed to our child support lawyer in Rockville, MD is whether or not a change can be made to an existing child support agreement. The answer is yes, but a change must be warranted and considered reasonable by the Court. In fact, the Court must find that a substantial and continuing change occurred since the time of the original agreement. What qualifies as a substantial and continuing change?

  •         There must be a minimum percentage of change in child support payments pursuant to Maryland guidelines. This percentage is subject to change based on legislative changes to current laws. Check with our child support lawyer to see if your situation qualifies.
  •         If you meet the minimum percentage change for eligibility, it will be up to the other parent to prove to the Court why the change in child support should not be approved.
  •         The change must be ongoing and not temporary. For example, the parent who is paying child support is now earning less than they earned at the time of the original agreement. Conversely, if the parent who is receiving child support begins earning substantially more income, the other parent might have grounds to modify the original agreement. Note that being laid off might constitute only a temporary change in the eyes of the Court.

After Your Maryland Lawyer Files the Modification Motion

The legal process for making changes to the child support agreement is usually not swift. Your child support lawyer can consider the Court’s schedule to provide you with an estimate of when it might be concluded. Your child support lawyer in Rockville, MD can request that the change to the agreement should begin from the date they filed the motion. In this way, the change will consider the period of time you waited for the court date to pass.

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If you believe that you have grounds to modify your existing child support agreement, contact our office. We offer a free consultation during which a lawyer can review your circumstances. With a better understanding of your situation, it will be possible for us to determine in what ways we might be of legal assistance to you. Child support agreements are legally binding and to avoid contempt of court or other legal issues, it’s important to consult an experienced lawyer. Call The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright today to schedule a free and confidential consultation with an experienced child support lawyer serving Rockville, MD.

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