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Business Litigation Attorney Rockville, MD

Rockville Business Litigation Lawyer

Business Litigation Attorney Rockville MDOne of the most critical aspects of a company’s success if business contracts that are well-written by a Rockville, Maryland business litigation attorney. Failure to have a solid contract can result in extensive and expensive litigation. There are many types of contracts a business may need to be drawn up, including:

  •       Purchase agreements
  •       Services that will be provided
  •       Employer-employee relationships
  •       Financial loans

If one party violates the term of the contract, then the other party can file a breach of contract lawsuit in order to obtain restitution and/or damages that the breach has caused their business.

If your company has experienced a breach of contract issue, a business litigation attorney in Rockville MD can evaluate your case to see what legal recourse you may have. An injured party may be able to obtain the following:

  •       Damages: This is compensation that the injured party can pursue for the act of complete breach of contract. Damages are usually equivalent to the amount the injured party would have received if the at-fault party did not breach the contract. A partial breach can result in partial damages.
  •       Restitution: Financial compensation for restitution is intended to restore the injured party as they were before the parties entered into the contract. Restitution is used to replace property or funds the injured party gave to the at-fault party per the terms of the contract.
  •       Specific Performance: A business attorney Rockville MD companies trust can also pursue specific performance on behalf of the injured party. This is when the court orders the at-fault party to fulfill their obligations under the terms of the breached contract.
  •       Recession: Another option is to terminate the contract completely. This is referred to as a recession. Reformation is when the contract is rewritten to repair the harm the injured party was exposed to.

Let a Rockland MD Business Litigation Attorney Help

If you are a business owner, having a skilled business litigation attorney Rockland MD clients recommend is important for protecting your company and ensuring that other parties cannot cause harm. The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright provides the skill and legal expertise to not only draw up iron-clad contracts to protect their clients, but will also fight aggressively to get their clients the best possible remedy should the other party breach any contracts that are in place. Attorney Wright has been advocating for business owners for more than 35 years and has built a solid reputation of diligently protecting his clients and helping them on the road to success. Call our office today to schedule a free and confidential consultation and find out how our legal team can help.

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