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March 09, 2020

Can I Use Social Media During a Divorce?

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Social media offers a chronological glimpse into peoples’ lives. Monumental events such as birthdays, graduations, and births may be showcased. In times of emergencies, these sites can be full of positive wishes for users’ health and safety. Some events are worth sharing; however, others are better kept private. For example, criticizing your soon-to-be ex or sharing personal information about what is going on during your divorce could hurt the outcome of your case. 

Can Social Media Impact Your Divorce Case?
You might wonder how big of an issue it really is to use social media during your divorce. Perhaps a divorce lawyer has advised you not to post anything about what is going on with the case on social media, but you’re not really taking things seriously. According to reports:

  • 81% of divorce lawyers have looked through social media posts and used some of the information as evidence in court. 
  • 66% of divorce lawyers turn to Facebook for primary evidence.
  • Approximately one third of divorce cases start with an affair that was initiated online.

As a divorce lawyer might explain to you, certain activities on social media are particularly important. These include financial misconduct and infidelity. To ensure you do not make a mistake on social media during a divorce, consider these tips. 

Belittling Your Spouse
It might feel cathartic to vent about what your ex has done, but doing so can have many consequences. This is particularly true when the comments you make on social media are false, critical of their parenting abilities, or even threatening. 

Deleting Social Media Activity
Many people assume that once a post is deleted, it is gone forever. It is actually impossible to completely delete your social media activity, though. If you are found to have deleted incriminating posts on purpose, it could be considered destruction of evidence. 

Posting Photographs or Mentioning Substance Abuse
If you post anything regarding drug or alcohol use, it may be used against you — especially if you have minor children. Even a casual image that depicts you with a beer around a bonfire could potentially be used against you. As a divorce lawyer might recommend, exercise caution whenever you or someone you know might be taking pictures of you having a drink.

Talking About New Relationships
You might be eager to begin dating again; however, any new relationship you get into should remain private until your divorce has been finalized. It may be possible to use evidence of a relationship against you as proof of an affair. 

Sharing Your Location Information
You might feel inclined to check into the new restaurant in town, but sharing location information on social media could damage your divorce case. For example, a divorce lawyer might question your parenting ability when you are checking into casinos, nightclubs, bars, and so forth. 

Using Social Media During a Divorce
In general, the best way to use social media while you are going through a divorce, is to not use it at all. You are encouraged to take a break from social media by pausing your account. By taking this precautionary measure, you can feel confident in knowing you are safeguarding your case. Schedule a consultation with a divorce lawyer, like a divorce lawyer in Tampa, FL, today.

Thanks to The McKinney Law Group for their insight into using social media during a divorce.

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