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What if My Child Doesn’t Want to Visit My Ex During Scheduled Visitations?

Child Custody Lawyer Rockville, MD

Child Custody Lawyer Rockville MDChild visitation challenges are not uncommon, though when they arise they can be stressful. They can also cause legal issues in scenarios that involve court ordered visitations. This is particularly true when a child refuses to spend time with the non-custodial parent during scheduled visitations. When this happens, it can create animosity between the parents and in turn spill over to the child’s emotions. In effect, it can become a vicious cycle. A child custody lawyer like Daniel J. Wright has seen this scenario and the potential aftermath. Fortunately, there is usually a positive solution, and our child custody lawyer may be able to help you find it. Call our office today to schedule a consultation for guidance.

Parenting Schedule

Part of growing up almost inevitably involves tantrums, tears, and acting out. Unfortunately, this may occur just as you’re preparing to take your child to their other parent’s house. They may even lock their bedroom door and refuse to leave. What to do? Though you may not want to force them to spend time with someone you also don’t want to be around, the court ordered you to comply with a visitation schedule. Also, the other parent will likely feel hurt, betrayed, and angry if their child does not want to see them. They may even believe that you are causing your child to feel and act this way, though that may be the furthest thing from the truth.

Is the child in danger?

It’s critically important to immediately ascertain if the child has a well-founded reason for not wanting to visit their other parent. Ask them why they do not want to leave your home and see them. If they indicate to you that they are in fear for their safety from the other parent or someone associated with the other parent, make every effort to discover the cause of their fear. If this turns out to be the case, depending on the circumstances you may need to immediately contact law enforcement as well as a child custody lawyer. It’s also important to document events, times, dates, and places associated with your child’s concerns. If they may be a victim of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse in the other home, your lawyer can file an emergency court order in Rockville MD to suspend visitation with the other parent until an investigation is completed. This is also true if the other parent’s home is an unsafe environment due to excessive alcohol or drug use.

Potential Breach of a Court Order

If you have no reason to suspect your child is in danger with the other parent, the fact that the child does not want to visit them is not relevant to the court. You are legally obligated to physically turn your child over to the other parent. As a child custody lawyer in Rockville MD might tell you, not doing so can put you in danger of violating the court’s direct order. Many parents in this situation have found that by encouraging the child with verbal and nonverbal cues that they will have fun at their other parent’s house, it can make a substantial difference in the child’s pre-visit behavior. It’s also effective to spend time with your child after the visit to learn what activities they engaged in, and offer positive feedback in response.

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