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September 15, 2019

Constitutional Rights and Your Criminal Case

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The Constitution of the United States is considered a living document, meaning that it can change and morph to fit the current understandings of the institutions of government. However, as the document currently stands, all citizens are awarded certain rights and protections, which shall not be violated. Although, there are times, especially during criminal arrest and prosecution, when these rights are violated. When such things occur, what happens to you and your criminal trial? The answer depends on the specific rights that were violated.

Search and Seizure Without a Warrant

One of the most common injustices facing alleged criminals is the illegal search and seizure of their property. As US citizens, the Fourth Amendment protects individuals from such action without the use of a warrant. Therefore, if it is proven that police entered an individual’s property without cause and gathered evidence without written consent from the courts, then any evidence gathered at the time of the illegal search cannot be used in any criminal proceeding.

Double Jeopardy

Another example of the violation of a constitutional right is when an individual is tried for the same crime twice, which is protected against under the Sixth Amendment. Therefore, if a person is tried for a robbery and found innocent, they cannot be charged with that same robbery, even if they admit to it after the verdict.

Constitutional Complexity

There are several other examples of legal rights violations, but the law and the constitution are complex. Therefore, if you feel that your rights have been violated during an arrest, it is best to contact a criminal defense attorney. The sad truth is that¬†any defense attorney who has been around long enough will probably have experience with defending against rights violations. Therefore, don’t assume that your experience is limited or that you are misinterpreting the facts. Violations happen, and there is no reason that you should suffer unjustly.

Criminal and constitutional law are complicated subjects, and most laypeople do not understand the intricacies of their rights. Therefore, if you were arrested and something didn’t feel right, or if your home was searched and property seized without a warrant, then contact a defense attorney immediately. Explain your situation and ask them if your rights were violated. Every individual living in the US is awarded constitutional protections, and no alleged wrongdoing can strip you of your rights. Therefore, if you feel you were a victim of a rights violation, stand up, let your voice be heard, and hire one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Rockville, MD.

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