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Contested Divorce Lawyer Rockville, MD 

Rockville Contested Divorce Attorney

Contested Divorce Lawyer Rockville MD Divorce is one of the most common legal actions that take place in Maryland family courts. It is estimated that approximately 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce. Some of these marriages will end amicably, with a fairly smooth and quick legal process, while other divorces will be drawn out and contentious. There is no way to predict how a divorce will proceed since it is far too common that an issue will come up that will turn even the friendliest of divorces into a battle. This is why anyone considering ending their marriage should contact a contested divorce lawyer Rockville MD clients recommend for legal assistance no matter what type of divorce you anticipate.

Contested Divorce

A divorce is considered contested when the spouses are unable to come to an agreement about different issues that need to be decided in order to end the marriage. These issues can include

  •       Child custody
  •       Child support
  •       Division of assets
  •       Division of debt

When the couple is unable to come to an agreement about one or more of these issues, the judge overseeing the divorce will make the decision for them. This means the judge will decide how the issues about their family and finances will be determined. One of our divorce lawyers Rockville MD residents trust will present your side of the issue to the judge, as will your spouse’s attorney. The judge will then weigh all the evidence presented, as well as the attorneys’ arguments, and then make his or her decision. Since you and your spouse really do lose all control on decision making, it really is in everyone’s best interest to try to come to some sort of agreement that the court will only need to approve.

Uncontested Divorce

In an uncontested divorce, there is compromise and agreement between the two spouses. While a couple may not get along and this is one of the reasons why they are ending their marriage, they do realize that that they need to work together to come up with a parenting plan that is best for their children and a fair and just division of assets and debts. While working to reach this final agreement may not be an easy one, it can actually save both parties money in legal fees and time.

One option to reach this goal is through divorce mediation. In mediation, both parties, along with their attorneys, meet with a neutral mediator who helps navigate them through the issues they need to address and come to an agreement that works for everyone. Not only can mediation help save a couple time and legal fees, but it can also help give them the tools to sustain a friendly relationship long after the marriage has ended, something that is critical if the couple has children together.

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