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Criminal Lawyer Rockville MDWhen you’re charged with a crime, you want a Rockville MD criminal lawyer to represent you to the fullest. It’s important that you set your sights on a legal professional who has experience in this area of practice. You wouldn’t want to hire a car accident lawyer or a family law attorney. Instead, you should turn to a Rockville MD criminal lawyer such as The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright. Not sure what to look for in an experienced lawyer? Check out the suggestions listed below:

  1. Local

A local Rockville MD criminal lawyer isn’t an absolute must, but it could help you navigate the local court system with ease. Local lawyers have more experience with the courthouse where your case will take place. Lawyers like The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright has handled similar cases with similar police officers, state attorneys and judges. Our Rockville, Maryland criminal lawyers have an idea of how certain police officers perform in court, as well as how local procedures are done.

Some other things to consider are traveling costs. If your lawyer has to travel too far to handle your case, you could be charged the costs of gas and travel time. This might be charged each time your lawyer comes to town for an interview, to aid in an investigation and for court appearances. You are far less likely to experience such costs with a local Rockville MD criminal lawyer.

  1. Experience 

When you have a criminal lawyer who has represented clients with similar situations to your own, your case is likely to run more smoothly. There are different types of criminal offenses, and you should hire a lawyer who has experience with your specific case. For example, if your case includes weapons and a hold up, you probably don’t want to hire a lawyer who regularly deals with drunk driving accidents. Instead, you’d want a criminal defense lawyer in Rockville MD who has represented other weapon-wielding accused thieves.

  1. Personal

This type of law can get personal. You should look for a lawyer who isn’t going to judge you for the crime you are charged, the life you live or the people you hang out with. Your lawyer should have your back regardless of what did or did not take place. You want a lawyer who will work hard to understand your situation, your motives and your side of the story.

You should pay close attention to your first interaction with your Rockville MD criminal lawyer. Are they easy to talk to? Does the lawyer ask questions and listen to what you are saying? Are you able to understand what the lawyer has to say? These communication skills are essential, and they don’t always take place between every attorney and client.

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You should have proper representation when you are criminally charged. To find the right Rockville MD criminal lawyer, look for a local, experienced and personal professional at The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright.

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