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Domestic Violence Lawyer Nearby

Domestic Violence Lawyer Nearby Rockville

Domestic Violence Lawyer Nearby Rockville MDIf you’re facing a domestic violence charge, you should discuss your case with a domestic violence lawyer nearby Rockville. If convicted of this offense, you may have to spend time in jail, pay heavy fines and have a permanent criminal record. A lawyer can help build you a strong case and protect your legal rights.

Common Defenses for Domestic Violence Charges

Just because you’ve been charged with domestic violence, doesn’t mean that you have to plead guilty. Depending on the circumstances of your case, your lawyer may be able to come up with a good defense. Here are some common defenses for domestic violence charges:

  • You didn’t do it. If you didn’t commit the domestic violence you’re accused of, you will have to prove that you were somewhere else at the time of the incident. For example, if you were at a family gathering, you can ask several family members to verify your whereabouts.
  • It was an accident. For this defense, you don’t deny that you caused the injury. However, you did it by accident. For example, you may have been horsing around and accidentally shoved your spouse into a wall.
  • The other person lied. In certain situations, people may make up stories that they were hit to get back at their partner for something else they did. If you believe that your spouse purposely injured him or herself and blamed you for it, you must provide your version of what actually happened.
  • You were defending yourself. If you hit your spouse to protect yourself from harm, a domestic violence lawyer nearby Rockville may look at the police report to see if the alleged victim admitted to using violence and determine why he or she used violence against you. Your lawyer may also look for defensive injuries on the other person.
  • Police made investigative errors. If you did commit domestic violence, but the police made mistakes during the investigation, your case could get thrown out. For instance, if the police continued to question you after you invoked your right to remain silent, your lawyer may ask the judge to dismiss the case.

Consulting a Lawyer

If you’ve been charged with domestic assault, don’t wait to speak to a domestic violence lawyer. He or she will assess your case and advise you the best way to proceed. With a skilled lawyer on your side, you have a higher chance of achieving a favorable outcome.

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