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March 17, 2022

Do’s and Don’ts of Getting a Divorce

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Do Keep Things Civil

No matter how bad things have been in your marriage, your divorce will be much easier if you and your spouse can remain civil. Avoid name-calling or playing the blame game. Even in an at-fault divorce, where your spouse did something to irrevocably break the marriage, such as commit adultery, divorce lawyers in Rockville MD, such as Daniel J. Wright, might advise you to keep your cool, stay calm and maintain your composure to simplify your divorce proceedings.

Do Shield Your Children

Always keep your children’s best interests in the forefront of your thoughts during your divorce. Remember, you and your spouse are divorcing; your children are not. Depending on their age, they may be more or less aware of what’s going on, but kids are perceptive. They know when mommy and daddy are upset, and are prone to internalizing that upset, believing it to be their fault. They need constant reassurance that it’s not their fault mom and dad are upset and that mom and dad both love them very much.

Do Try Mediation or Arbitration

Daniel J. Wright and other divorce lawyers in Rockville MD, typically recommend mediation or arbitration if you and your spouse can’t agree on how to divide marital assets and debts. Mediation and arbitration are similar in that an outside party will listen to both sides and make suggestions as to how to best split things up. The difference is that if both parties agree, arbitration may be legally binding, where mediation is not. The only other option is to go to court and let the judge divide your assets and debts.

Don’t Be Too Hasty in Splitting Assets

If you do something like pull all the money out of your joint checking account or sell off stocks in your brokerage account, you may be penalized by the court for leaving your spouse out in the cold. It’s dirty pool, and judges won’t tolerate it. Divorce lawyers in Rockville MD, such as Daniel J. Wright, may be able to advise you on what you can and can’t do with your assets as the divorce proceeds.

Don’t Try To Go It Alone

It’s critical that you hire a divorce lawyer to protect your interests in a divorce. You may be tempted to forgo legal representation if your divorce is amicable and uncontested. However, you should, at the very least, have a conversation with a divorce attorney to make sure you’re not giving away too many assets or accepting too much debt.

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