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July 16, 2017

Driving Under the Influence – 2

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Driving Under the Influence – 2

  1. We were talking previously about the very common crime of Driving Under the Influence. What happens when someone is arrested for DUI?
    They are taken to the police station; usually the police will tow the car; they usually will search the car; normally, the process of booking takes several hours and they will then release the driver.
  2. I knew someone who was arrested for DUI and he got a whole bunch of tickets. Why is that?
    Police often charge three (3) different types of DUI. One is DUI. This is the older version of the law and requires the police to show that someone was intoxicated; the second charge is DUI PerSe – this just means that someone blew more than the legal limit of 0.08% alcohol in their breath. Finally, there is a DWI charge, which means that your were drinking, but not necessarily drunk – but your coordination was impaired. Usually, there are also traffic charges as well – failure to stay in your lane, negligent driving, driving without headlights, or things like that.
  3. What are some things that a person should do who is arrested for DUI?
    Consult an attorney right away. There are time limits for doing certain things. In many cases, depending on where you live, the attorney may the person to take an alcohol education class. What a person needs to know is there are still things that can be done to influence the outcome of the case.
  4. Can a DUI affect a person’s driver’s license?
    Most definitely. That’s why the people need to see an attorney. When arrested for DUI they start two (2) cases against you. One in the court, and one in the MVA. The MVA will try to suspend your driver’s license. An attorney can help keep a persons’ driver’s license.
  5. Will taking an alcohol class help at the MVA?
    Normally, yes. There are some cases where the MVA won’t care if you took the alcohol class. This might be the case if there are a number of prior DUIs or a particularly high blow.

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