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Drug Charge Lawyer Rockville MD

Drug Charge Lawyer

Drug Charge Lawyer Rockville MD

If you’re facing possible jail time for possession, distribution, or intent to sell, you need a drug charge lawyer Rockville MD residents trust from the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright. Call us without delay at 301-655-8130 for a free case review. Daniel J. Wright is an experienced drug charge lawyer in Rockville MD who may be able to get your charges reduced or even dismissed. With a solid track record that reflects years of hard-fought cases, he has helped many people who were accused of even the most serious of drug charges.

Drug charges can result in serious repercussions. Even a simple misdemeanor conviction can cause someone to lose their job and create problems at home. The most serious of drug convictions such as a multi-jurisdictional federal felony can mean a long prison sentence and astronomical fines. Don’t risk your future. As a respected Rockville drug charge lawyer, Daniel J. Wright can protect your rights throughout the legal process.

Illegal Possession of Drugs

When you meet with Daniel J. Wright, he can explain in more detail but there are two categories of possession charges:

  • Possession for personal use; and
  • Possession with intent to distribute.

Determining Type of Possession

Possession for personal use is much less serious than possession with intent to distribute. However, as a drug charge lawyer Rockville MD turns to can tell you, the lesser charge can escalate into a more serious charge if more evidence is discovered. Generally speaking, the type of possession a person is charged with is based on a number of factors:

  • The quantity of drugs found in the accused’s possession when the drugs were discovered;
  • Paraphernalia that may indicate the person intended to sell the drugs, such as a drug scale or baggies;
  • Law enforcement witness of the accused transferring the drugs to another individual; and
  • Large amount of cash on the accused person or in their possession such as in their vehicle or home.

Manufacturing or Cultivation of Drugs

A drug charge lawyer Rockville MD citizens rely on can ascertain whether or not law enforcement agents overstepped their legal bounds. If Daniel J. Wright can prove that your rights were violated in this way, it’s possible that your charges might be dropped. For example, if they performed surveillance in an illegal manner, or did not properly obtain a warrant, the evidence they seized may not be admissible in court.

Drug Trafficking or Sales

Federal authorities may be involved if you were charged with drug trafficking across state lines. This may be in addition to state charges. In this scenario, a drug charge lawyer Rockville MD respects such as Daniel J. Wright may argue for only one prosecution, rather than two. Even if you are facing only state charges and not federal, your bond amount may be very high. In addition, extenuating circumstances may cause an even more serious sentence. The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright will make every effort for reduction of the charges against you and work for a lesser plea, or get the charges dropped altogether. Call our Rockville MD drug charge lawyer without delay so we can begin working on your case as soon as possible.

Protecting Your Criminal Defense Rights

If you are facing criminal charges you have several legal rights that cannot be violated. If you are in a situation where your future is uncertain, you may want to seek the legal counsel of the experienced drug charge lawyer Rockville MD. Our extensive knowledge of the Constitution and legal issues surrounding criminal and drug charges can help give you the best opportunity at a fair criminal proceeding.

Your Rights In a Criminal Defense

Exercising your legal rights can help provide the best opportunity for a fair criminal hearing. Some rights granted to every suspect or defendant include:

  • Having the Miranda warning read to you upon arrest by law enforcement
  • The right to an attorney
  • The right to a “speedy” trial
  • The right to refuse questioning in the trial
  • Protection against cruel and unusual punishment
  • Protection against being tried two times for the same crime also called double jeopardy
  • Protection against illegal search

A Rockville MD drug charge lawyer can play a vital role in protecting your rights. As a licensed attorney, we can handle the communication with the police officers and law enforcement, review the validity of the search warrant, be present during police questions, and review your case to determine the best criminal defense strategy. Our Rockville MD drug charge lawyer will be by your side every step of the way, and in most situations, we are the only person standing between you and time in prison.  

Stages of a Criminal Case

The process of a criminal case will vary depending on if the crime is considered a felony or a misdemeanor, however, most often the process will go as follows:

  1. Arrest. The individual is taken into custody for an alleged crime.
  2. Custody/Bail. The defendant is in custody until bail is set. The bail must be paid in order to be released
  3. Arraignment. This is the first court appearance. The judge will read the charges the defendant is facing. During this time, the defendant will plead either guilty, not guilty or no contest at this time. It is important to speak with a trusted drug charge lawyer Rockville MD before this happens.
  4. Plea Bargain. A plea bargain may be offered and avoids going to trial. Not all plea bargains are the best option though so it is important to discuss the bargain with your lawyer.
  5. Preliminary Hearing. This is dependent on your case and which state you reside in. This is basically a trial before the trial. The judge reviews the case and witnesses to decide if the case should go to trial.
  6. Pre-trial Motions. Arguments your Rockville MD drug charge lawyer can file in regards to the case.
  7. Trial. The prosecution and defense will make their opening statements, examine and cross-examine witnesses, and closing arguments in front of the jury.
  8. Sentencing. If the jury finds the defendant guilty, the judge will determine the sentencing.
  9. Appeal.  If found guilty, the defendant can file an appeal to have the decision overturned or alter the sentencing.

Get the Right Help

During this time of uncertainty, it is important to have someone on your side that you can rely on. Daniel J. Wright has helped protect the rights of countless clients and will do the same for you.  

When you need a top drug charge lawyer Rockville MD offers who does not charge exorbitant fees, contact the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright at 301-655-8130 to request a free case review.

Criminal Defense For Drug Possession and Other Drug Crimes

When you have been charged with possession of drugs, our Rockville MD drug charge lawyer knows that you may feel that you have nowhere to turn. This is an extremely serious charge and even if you think the drug you were found with is not a serious drug, you should be prepared to face consequences if you do not have the legal help you need. The attorneys at the law office of Daniel J. Wright know that a drug possession crime can not only ruin your life, but land you in jail and with a criminal record. If you would like to see how the drug charge lawyer at our Rockville MD office can help you with your drug possession crime, contact us now. We must get started on your case as quickly as possible. 

I’ve heard of drug possession crimes. Are there other drug-related crimes?

Yes, including possessing drugs, you can also be charged with other drug-related crimes, like:

  • Possession with intent to sell
  • Drug distribution
  • Drug trafficking
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia

I was charged with possession. What can happen to me?

Our Rockville, Maryland drug charge lawyer wants you to know that drug crimes are taken seriously in all states. If you were charged with drug possession,you could be facing a misdemeanor or a felony. A court will take many factors into consideration in addition to your drug possession, including what kind of drug it was, how much you were carrying on you at the time, and if there are any extenuating circumstances. 

Different Types of Drug Schedules

When you hear about a drug schedule, it means that the drug is classified a certain way. The Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act created this guide to determine which kind of drugs and narcotics fit into certain schedules so that the punishment of your drug possession more appropriately fits the crime. Rockville MD drug charge lawyers provide the following example:

In Schedule I you will find drugs and narcotics that can put users at very high risk for substance abuse such as LSD or Heroin. Schedule IV would include substances such as Diazepam and Barbital. 

What if I had a controlled substance?

This means the drug you were found to be in possession of is a drug that a physician may prescribe to someone under specific circumstances. They have different levels of addiction and if a physician did not prescribe it to you may be charged with illegal possession.

Aside from legal charges, what are the consequences of drug use?

Rockville MD drug charge lawyers want you to be aware that there are many consequences of drug use. Going to jail or prison are just a few of the consequences a person may face if convicted. Personal consequences may include:

  • Organ damage
  • Miscarriage
  • Poor relationships
  • Contracting diseases

If you are facing a drug possession charge and need the help of a Rockville MD drug charge lawyer who will defend you and take the time to learn more about your situation, please contact the law office of Daniel J. Wright now. 

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