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September 23, 2020

Facing a Denial of Social Security Disability Benefits

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Social security disability benefits are imperative for those who cannot work due to a physical or mental health condition. When dealing with a condition that puts you out of work for at least 10% of the time, social security disability benefits are critical to continuing to make ends meet. Unfortunately, in some cases, someone seeking social security disability benefits may be denied. Claim denials can be absolutely devastating for a person who is dependent upon them. If you face a denial, it’s critical to immediately take action to provide the best opportunity at a favorable outcome. Working with a social security disability benefits lawyer can assist with taking the proper steps after a denial. 

Reasons Disability Benefits Are Denied

Many disabilities can impact a person’s ability to hold down a job; because of this, the ability to draw an income can be difficult. This is the primary reason for qualified candidates to pursue social security disability benefits. A denial can be incredibly impactful, and you will likely be wondering why you received a rejection in the first place. However, it’s essential to persevere because remedying a denial may be reasonably straightforward. The following are reasons that social security disability benefits may be denied:

  • If you make too much money, you may receive a claim denial. While this may be approved in some cases, the Social Security Administration may have difficulty backing a claim when someone can work. People seeking compensation are often unable to work because of their disability. 
  • If you have received previous claim denials, it can be challenging to know how to move forward. In some cases, a lawyer may recommend that you file a new disability claim to provide the best possible outcome. 
  • Medical evidence is critical to proving your need for disability benefits. One common reason for claim denials is a lack of medical evidence or documentation supporting your condition. It will be critical to provide medical documentation that proves you cannot work because of your medical condition.
  • When you see a doctor for medical care, they will make specific recommendations to manage their condition better. If a patient fails to follow the doctor’s orders, it may appear as though your medical condition is not as severe as you have outlined. 

What many may not realize is that it’s not uncommon for claims to be denied. More than half of all social disability benefits claims are denied for one reason or another. This is a primary reason applicants should consider a lawyer for assistance in having their denials reconsidered.  

Several conditions may allow for social security disability benefits. If you cannot work for at least a year, pursuing social security disability benefits may be a necessary solution. While a denial can undoubtedly be troublesome, it doesn’t mean that you have run out of options. When faced with so many uncertainties while contending a medical condition, it’s essential to take every step towards caring for yourself and protecting yourself should you receive a denial. If you have received a denial of your social security disability benefits, take action with experienced social security disability lawyers, like from The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt, as soon as possible.  

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