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Family Law Firm Rockville, MDCouples choose to divorce for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes a single event or revelation leads to marital dissolution, while other times the choice to split builds up over a significant amount of time. Whatever the reason(s), if you and/or your spouse have determined that divorce is currently the healthiest available option, you are likely grappling with a host of challenging emotions. Because divorce inspires an extraordinarily heightened level of emotion, it can often be difficult to determine whether all of one’s emotions are grounded and reasonable.

Thankfully, you do not need to process any significant decisions related to your divorce process alone. Speaking with an experienced Rockville, MD divorce lawyers can help you to see past the heightened state of your emotions to their potential practical consequences. For example, you may be feeling paranoid that your spouse is hiding assets from you. It can be difficult to know whether to act upon this suspicion given that you may be feeling betrayed, scared or angry right now and these emotions may or may not be clouding your judgment. Speaking with the Rockville, Maryland family law firm “The Law Office of Daniel Wright” about your suspicions may help to clarify whether you should act upon them immediately or wait until you have processed your emotions a bit longer before deciding to take action.

If you believe that you may need to hire a private investigator during your divorce, we hope you will consider scheduling a consultation with our Rockville, Maryland family law firm. We would be happy to listen to your questions and advise you in accordance with your particular circumstances. While it is critically important not to allow heightened emotions to “drive” your divorce process, it is also important not to dismiss potentially relevant suspicions that could impact the terms of your divorce decree, including property division and spousal support/alimony. It may indeed be the case that hiring a P.I. could benefit your process and we will be happy to explore this possibility with you.

If it seems like a prudent decision to do so, hiring a P.I. may allow you to obtain evidence related to your spouse’s misrepresentation of his or her assets, behavior, living situation, etc. While some kinds of misrepresentations are immaterial to the divorce process, others can significantly impact the outcome of a potential divorce decree. We would be happy to discuss the pros and cons of hiring outside investigative assistance with you.

Divorce Guidance Is Available

If you have concerns about your divorce process, please consider scheduling a consultation with our Rockville, Maryland family law firm. We have extensive experience assisting clients navigate both amicable and contentious divorce processes alike. Once we learn more about your unique circumstances, we will be able to speak with you about your legal options and craft a solid legal strategy moving forward. With that said, it is important to understand that meeting with our Rockville, Maryland family law firm team does not commit you to taking any specific actions whatsoever. The primary purpose of a consultation is helping to ensure that whatever choices you decide are right for you are as informed as possible; even if your ultimate approach is to take no action at all.

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“Dan Wright is unquestionably a principled attorney of the first water. He possesses an uncanny prescience for truly understanding the needs of his clients. He will go the extra mile.”
R Sydnor
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