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March 17, 2022

Four Top Issues in Divorce Cases

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  1. Child Support – How much financial contribution will be paid to the parent of highest custody every month?
  2. Child Custody – Which parent will have legal/physical/sole/joint custody?
  3. Spousal Support – Does one spouse need financial support due to separation?
  4. Property Division – How will liabilities, home, and assets be split up?

These issues can quickly become complex and sensitive, especially if your spouse is not making divorce an easy process for you. By choosing one of the divorce lawyers from the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright, we can oversee or delegate any bumps along the way.

It is vital that your assets are protected during the litigation and you hold firm your rights to parent your children. We can help safeguard against you not being able to financially support yourself post-divorce. If children are a factor in your separation, we can aid in ensuring their quality of living is not impacted. We can strive to create an environment where your children will continue to grow strong and thrive.

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