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May 14, 2018

Should I hire a father’s rights attorney?

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Should I hire a father’s rights attorney?

There are many reasons to consider hiring a father’s rights attorney. If you have a legal issue that needs to be resolved and is not listed below, call a lawyer to learn how they can best assist you.

Some of the most common legal issues with which a father’s rights attorney can help you include the following:

  •         Challenging or establishing paternity.
  •         Challenging the adoption of your child.
  •         The termination of your parental rights.
  •         Child support or visitation order changes.

Paternity Issues

Paternity is the legal recognition of a child’s father. A Scottsdale AZ Guardian lawyer who specializes in father’s rights can help you with paternity issues as they pertain to:

  •         Child support
  •         Adoption
  •         Healthcare
  •         Visitation and custody
  •         Inheritance


Regardless of your state of residency, the birth father and birth mother must both give consent to give their child up for adoption. If you are the father and wish to block the adoption, a father’s rights attorney from our firm can assist you. However, you as the father must first prove paternity if you have not already done so. The birth father may have lost that right due to any number of reasons, including:

  •         Failure to financially support their child.
  •         Abandonment.
  •         Neglect or abuse.
  •         Mental incompetence.

The Termination of Your Rights as the Father

A parent’s rights can be terminated with or without their permission. If you would like to terminate your rights, or you would like to fight the involuntary termination of them, a father’s rights attorney may be able to assist you with this. The legal process for this varies by state and can be complicated but our legal team has the experience and knowledge necessary.

State Agency Termination of Both Parents’ Rights

Involuntary termination of both parents’ rights is possible when a state agency steps in and initiates certain legal proceedings. The agency’s goal may be to take the child away from the parents and enter the child into the adoption system. The reason given by the agency for taking these actions may include one or more of the following:

  •         Child abuse or neglect.
  •         Abandonment of the child.
  •         If the recognized parent or parents is/are incarcerated.
  •         Parental addictions.

If you would like to fight the agency’s actions or intent to take your child away from you, contact a law firm immediately and request a free consultation with a father’s rights attorney.

Consult with a Father’s Rights Attorney

Regardless of what legal issue you’re facing, understand that you do not have to fight for your rights on your own. Call a compassionate yet aggressive attorney to fight for your rights, today.

Thank you to our contributors at Hildebrand Law for the above information on father’s rights.

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