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August 07, 2022

How Can I Get My Children Out Of Foster Care?

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If you want to get your child out of foster care, you’ll need to work with knowledgeable family law lawyers who have experience handling such matters. At the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright we have compiled some tips below from our experience as a family law lawyer in Rockville, MD that are essential for you to know.

Right off the bat, it’s important to follow these three tips:

  1. Making every or most scheduled visitation appointment shows your commitment to regaining custody and builds a relationship of trust between you and your child.
  2. Getting and maintaining a job shows your maturity and ability to provide for your child’s basic needs. It’s always preferable that you get a job that pays well and offers insurance packages that your child can benefit from, such as health, vision, and dental insurance.
  3. Attending rehabilitation for a substance use disorder shows your commitment to providing a safe, stable environment for your child.

What are the possible outcomes

If a judge decides that children are in need of protection or supervision, you and your former spouse will be required to participate in family reunification services with a goal of getting your children back home. Some of these services may include parenting classes, anger management classes or counseling. You may also be required to attend family court with your former spouse for further court appearances. Once parents have completed their participation in services, you may regain custody of your children and begin moving forward as a family unit again.

In some cases, judges determine that it is not safe for a child to return home after living with another parent. This could be due to abuse or neglect on either parent’s part, but most often it is because one parent has an addiction problem and isn’t able to properly care for his or her child. In these situations, judges will decide whether or not it would be best if one parent had sole legal custody over his or her child(ren) while he/she lives with another adult who can provide proper care and supervision. These situations are typically rarer than others; however they do occur more frequently than most people realize.

Where do you start

First and foremost, you’ll need to realize that no one is going to be able to get your kids out of foster care right away. It’s not as simple as it sounds, so if you don’t have an attorney lined up yet, start there. If you do have an attorney lined up or if you know how family law works in your state, then ask for their advice about what comes next. A good family law attorney will be able to tell you exactly how long it takes and what needs to happen from here on out. They should also help you fill out any paperwork required by your local child welfare agency.

How can you help

As a family law attorney, one of the first questions they will ask is if you want to work with your child’s other parent in order to help them obtain custody. If not, it’s important that you make sure you are asking for what is best for your child and not just taking action based on your own feelings about their situation. The court system can be confusing and there are plenty of professionals who will guide you through it — from mediators to guardian ad litems — so take advantage of whatever resources are available. When making decisions about placement, think about where your child would have a better life: in foster care or living with another family member?

If you are ready to work towards getting your child out of foster care and back into your care, contact a family law lawyer today.

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