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How do I decrease alimony payments?

divorce lawyers Rockville MDAt some point after a divorce court rules that a particular spouse must pay their former spouse alimony or spousal support, the payer may have need to reduce or eliminate those payments. There are several common and legally accepted arguments for why a judge should approve this petition to the court. Indeed, at the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright our divorce lawyers in Rockville MD has successfully argued on more than one client’s behalf for just this motion.
How does this process work? And will it work for you? Ultimately, the answers depend on each case’s unique set of variables. Below is some information that may offer you guidance though you will be best served by meeting with one of our divorce lawyers in Rockville MD who can review your circumstances. We invite you to request a free consultation with a knowledgeable divorce lawyer from the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright who can provide guidance as to how you may wish to move forward.

The Process of Modifying or Terminating Alimony Payments

If you are in need of modifying or ending your alimony payments to your former spouse, with the help of divorce lawyers in Rockville MD from the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright you can petition the court with your request. We will prepare the petition on your behalf which will include the necessary information about yourself and your ex. We can request the court to change the original divorce decree by eliminating or reducing the payments you were ordered to make every month.

When Your Circumstances Drastically Change

In most cases, the reasoning for reducing or eliminating alimony payments is because the payer’s circumstances have drastically changed since the time of the divorce decree. Proof of the hardship will have to be provided to the court, with which one of our divorce lawyers in Rockville MD from the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright can assist. Some of the most common lifestyle changes that can warrant a petition to the court include:
  • he loss of a job. You may have provide a letter from your former employer specifying that you have been terminated from your job.
  • Substantial reduction in salary. Proof can be in the form of recent past and current pay stubs.
  • Serious health condition which negatively impacts the payer’s income. Medical bills, a doctor’s diagnosis, and medical records can provide the necessary proof.
  • Excessive debt. You will probably have to submit copies of your credit card bills and other related documentation.

The Remarriage of Your Former Spouse

If your former spouse is now living with someone else or has married them, and as a result their monthly income has increased, you can use this as grounds for not needing to pay the same amount of alimony. It may even be a sufficient enough boost in their income to petition for an elimination of your financial obligation to them altogether. One of our divorce lawyers in Rockville MD from the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright can review the circumstances and determine an approach that will offer the best chance for a successful outcome.

Contact Us Without Delay

The process of petitioning the court can take some time. In the meanwhile, you are obligated to continue paying the amount of alimony that the court originally decreed. The sooner you contact our office, the sooner we can provide you with the guidance you need to resolve your situation. Call Law Office of Daniel J. Wright to request a free consult with one of our divorce lawyers Rockville MD residents call first.