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January 11, 2022

How to Choose a Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Finding a criminal defense attorney might seem overwhelming, especially if you live in a larger city with hundreds of lawyers advertising their services. Instead of just picking a name and hoping for the best, take your time to find an attorney who can represent you most effectively. As a criminal defense lawyer, like one from Tuttle Law, P.A. can explain, here are some tips for choosing a lawyer to help you through your criminal case.

Find an Attorney Who Specializes in Criminal Law

If the lawyer’s website doesn’t mention criminal law, you’re probably better off finding another lawyer. Many attorneys practice in multiple areas, so you may see that they also deal with other types of cases. This is fine, but you also want your lawyer to have involvement with criminal law, preferably in the area of the law in which you are charged. Not only do you want someone familiar with the law, but someone who knows the local courts. An attorney who knows the ins and outs of the court system you’re up against can be invaluable.

Find an Attorney You Can Be Honest With

To represent you adequately, your attorney needs to know everything. You have to be able to trust your attorney with important information. If you feel like you can’t talk to the lawyer you’ve chosen, you might be better off looking for someone else. Your attorney needs to understand your priorities when making a plan to come up with a defense. If the communication isn’t there, don’t force it.

Find an Attorney with Confidence

Ideally, you’ll want an attorney who has courtroom experience, but you want someone who is confident both inside and outside of the courtroom. You want someone who presents as professional, because this person is speaking for you in front of the judge, the prosecutor and the jury. Look for a lawyer who is organized as well. There are a lot of deadlines that need to be met when you’re going through criminal court, and you don’t want your case hindered because your attorney is unprepared.

Trust Yourself

When you meet with an attorney, you’ll get a good feel of how you can work together. If the lawyer listens to you and understands your concerns, you’re on a good track. Your lawyer works for you. You get to decide how you want to proceed once your lawyer explains the different ways your case could progress. Protect your interests by having a criminal defense lawyer on your side. Make an appointment with a criminal defense lawyer today.

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