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Infidelity lawyer Rockville MD

Infidelity lawyer Rockville MD

Infidelity lawyer Rockville MD

At the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright, an Infidelity lawyer Rockville MD families trust knows that finding out your spouse has cheated can be devastating. Rarely does anyone enter a marriage together expecting that their spouse will break the marriage vows. If you are suspicious that your spouse is having relations with another person, whether emotionally or physically, then it is understandable that you would consider divorcing them. As soon as you begin thinking about divorce, it may be in your best interest to speak with a lawyer. Things can take a turn for the worse very quickly, especially when it comes to cases of infidelity, so we encourage you to get legal assistance now.

Maryland As a Fault State

Couples who live in the state of Maryland may dissolve their marriage by filing a complete for a limited divorce or absolute divorce, along with their reasons for requesting it. As the spouse who may have been cheated on, we can help you draft a statement that alleges your partner being unfaithful, that you did not allow it and will not forgive their actions, and that you have remained committed to the marriage. Maryland is a fault state, where adultery is a legitimate reason for divorce.

Keep in mind that whether you can prove that adultery occurred or not may impact your case. Judges may not give much weight to your claims if they are only hearsay. Proven adultery will impact your divorce litigation. A divorce lawyer Rockville MD residents depend on from the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright can investigate further into your suspicions to potentially uncover influential evidence to be used in your divorce case.

How to Prove Infidelity

In order to prove adultery in court, you must bring forward evidence either through pictures, emails, letters, text messages, testimony, video, or anything else that shows cheating occurred. If you do not have this information quite yet, we can give you suggestions on how to go about investigating safely and strategically. The court system will consider unfaithfulness when awarding money and dividing property between spouses. However, adultery in itself is not the deciding factor for how shared assets will be divided. But, if you have an experienced lawyer on your side, such as one from our law firm, we can work to build you a strong case so you can walk away feeling like you received your fair share.

Can I Represent Myself During My Divorce?

Many spouses who have caught their spouses cheating and decide to end their marriage think they don’t need an infidelity lawyer Rockville, MD clients trust to represent them. Instead, they think because the actions of their spouse were so egregious and such a betrayal, they will just represent themselves.

However, that often turns out to be a mistake because, as mentioned above, infidelity will not be the only deciding factor in many of the issues that a couple needs to come to a resolution to in a divorce. One of the main issues that a divorcing spouse also needs to think about is how the divorce will impact them financially, especially if the cheating spouse was the primary breadwinner.

If you have caught your spouse cheating and have decided to file for divorce, you may be concerned about how much child support your spouse will be ordered to pay, whether the court will order your soon-to-be ex-spouse to pay you any spousal support, and/or how much property will be awarded to you at the conclusion of the divorce. The idea of spending money to hire an attorney may not be appealing to you, especially given the uncertainty in your financial situation. While Maryland law does permit parties in a divorce to represent themselves, there are many good reasons why this is not a good idea.

Reasons to Retain a Lawyer

Some believe that all lawyers work to prolong divorce proceedings for as long as possible in order to earn the maximum amount of fees they can from their clients. While there are certainly some unscrupulous attorneys who prey on unsuspecting clients, in most cases the benefits of hiring a Rockville infidelity lawyer far outweigh the potential costs involved:

  • A lawyer can help you resolve your divorce more quickly by identifying important issues – Much of the paperwork and calculations involved in a divorce are routine. Your lawyer will be better equipped to quickly identify the issues of contention in your divorce and file the appropriate petition and motions to help move your case along.
  • A lawyer can help you protect your rights and property – Parties in a divorce can be left in a fragile financial position at the conclusion of a divorce if they do not take the appropriate measures during the divorce proceedings to protect property that ought not to be considered marital property from division by the court or object to an improper calculation of child support or spousal support (for example). Your lawyer will be better equipped to take appropriate action throughout the divorce proceedings to protect your financial interests.
  • A lawyer knows the laws and procedures applicable to your case – In addition to the substantive law applicable in divorce cases (which spells out each party’s legal rights and directs how a court is to resolve legal issues), there is also procedural law that instructs parties in how their cases ought to be filed and proceed through the court system, as well as the deadlines with which the parties must comply. Prevailing in your divorce case requires not only that the substantive legal issues be decided in your favor but also that you comply with the procedural laws – both of which your Rockville infidelity lawyer is familiar with accomplishing.

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We can imagine the emotional anguish you may be going through right now, and that you may be thinking about how to get through this mess. We hope that you turn to our team during this time for the legal guidance you need. Call the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright today to speak with an Infidelity lawyer in Rockville, Maryland as soon as possible.

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