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December 20, 2019

Making Decisions Regarding For Child Custody and Child Support

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Child Custody and Child Support

When you move through the process of divorce, making decisions regarding child support and child custody are likely two of the most important agreements you and your ex will need to reach. It’s not uncommon, however, for agreements that were made to require modification. This is especially true because, over time, the children’s needs may change. A lawyer may play a key role in helping you to take stock of your situation and initiate the process of modifying custody and support agreements. The following, are common reasons why a person may consider requesting a modification with the help of a lawyer:

Child Support Modifications

Change in Income

One parent may request an increase in child support if their income has been reduced. Additionally, the parent paying support may request a decrease in child support payments in situations where they have experienced a change in income as well. Income may even increase should one parent inherit money or obtain a better paying job, which may be another reason to request a child support modification. 

The Child’s Expenses Have Increased

As a child gets older, their expenses may change. There are a number of reasons for this to occur, whether their activities have become more costly or they need additional medical or dental care, this may be an important reason to ask for more child support. 

Child Custody Modifications

You Are Concerned That Your Child May be in Danger

If you believe your child is in danger when in the care of the other parent, it may be in their best interest to request a child custody modification. If your child is fearful or unwilling to go to the other parent’s home, it may be due to the other parent’s inability to keep them safe. 

A Parent is Planning to Move

If a parent is moving away, they may be unable to maintain the same visitation due to their physical location. Should this occur, it will be necessary to renegotiate child custody. 

The Custody Agreement is Not Being Followed

One of the most frustrating components to share custody with another person is when one party does not uphold their end of the agreement. As a result, it may be appropriate to make changes to the current custody schedule. 

Requesting a Modification

It’s not uncommon for a parent to take pause when considering whether to request a modification to their custody and support arrangements. You may not want to rock the boat or create further discord with your spouse. However, if an arrangement is no longer working for you or your children, it may be in their best interest to request a change. A family lawyer can help you to modify agreements with the court. Your lawyer will review your needs and help to negotiate new agreements. It may be a good idea to first start by negotiating with your child’s parent to see if the two of you are able to reach a solution prior to going to the courtroom. You don’t necessarily have to endure this process by yourself. You can access your lawyer, a mediator or even a family therapist to help you and your ex reach an agreement. If the other parent is not in agreement with the changes you are proposing, you may need to take the matter to court in order to make decisions. A judge will hear the cases presented by each side, and render a decision that is based upon the best interest of the child. 

Making changes to your support and custody agreements may be essential, especially with changes to living situations and even the cost of living. Because of this, it may be appropriate to request a modification. Whether you are looking to modify child custody, child support or both, you will want to contact a family lawyer, for guidance in pursuing this process with the court and the child’s other parent. 

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