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February 11, 2018

Mistakes to Avoid During Your DUI Lawsuit

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Mistakes to Avoid During Your DUI Lawsuit

After being arrested due to a DUI charge and being involved in a car accident, the other driver may decide to file a lawsuit against you for bodily and car damages. During the legal proceedings, there may be mistakes you are unknowingly making that could ruin your defense. Here we cover a few of the main things to watch out for, to help keep your criminal defense strategy staying strong.

#1 Avoid Using Social Media

Even if you delete a post, another person could quickly screenshot or have saved what you posted on facebook, instagram or other social media outlet. What you may not realize is that the attorney for the driver who filed the lawsuit may be looking at your social media for things to use against you. Refrain from using social media until the case has been settled. Even if you post something as private, it can still be accessed.

#2 Do Not Share Information About Your Case

Insurance adjusters and perhaps even jurors may attempt to contact you at some point. Do not talk about your case, answer any questions or offer information with anyone before talking with your attorney. If an adjuster needs to talk with you about the DUI car accident, have them speak with your lawyer, like a DUI lawyer Salt Lake City UT turns to, instead.

#3 Be Wary of Signing Paperwork

Do not sign any documentation that is sent to you prior to checking with your attorney. Even what may appear to be small and unthreatening paperwork, can have fine print which approves another party accessing your medical records or permitting another form of violation to privacy.

#4 Do Not Admit Fault at Any Point

Do not willingly accept or admit fault. Avoid saying sorry in any conversations you have, as that implies there was a responsibility you did not uphold. At the scene of the accident, do not claim fault to the officer, the other driver or even a pedestrian. Anything you say even while in the back of the cop car may be used as evidence later on down the line in court.

#5 Be Careful of Misspelling or Errors on Documents

During the lawsuit, you may be required to complete certain documents. It is recommended you do so with the help of an attorney. Even small errors or mistakes on paperwork can be used against you and hurt your defense.

After you receive notice of the lawsuit, it is important you contact your insurance company if you have one. If you are found at-fault for causing an accident while under the influence, you and/or your insurance company may be responsible to pay for medical costs and vehicle damages. Your insurance agent may want to help offer advice and assistance during this legal process. Your insurance company will likely be on your side, as they do want to lose money as a result of this lawsuit. Battling the legalities of such an accident should not be approached alone. Find an attorney you trust who is if familiar with criminal defense cases like yours.

Thanks to our friends and contributors from Rasmussen & Miner for their added insight.

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