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July 16, 2017

Need A Lawyer?

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Family Law Lawyer Rockville MD

In a family law or criminal defense matter, it is absolutely necessary to find a lawyer who will fight hard for your future. We have been providing practical and effective legal services to our Maryland and the District of Columbia clients for more than 30 years.

Whatever you need in the areas of Criminal Defense, Business and Real Estate Law, Civil Law, and Family Law Lawyer Rockville MD, you can count on the talented attorneys at the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright. Our sterling reputation among former clients, fellow attorneys, and judges has been built on extensive knowledge and committed advocacy. We pride ourselves on being accessible and making our clients’ needs a priority. We serve as your legal partner, providing experienced, proven, and trusted representation in the fields of law that matter the most to you.


Daniel J. Wright’s criminal defense attorneys are experienced, proven, and trusted throughout the Rockville, MD and Washington, DC areas. Criminal defense attorneys are the advocates you need by your side when you’re charged with a crime and navigating the criminal legal system. We focus on every significant aspect of criminal law, from DUI/DWI charges, theft and property crimes, drug crimes, white-collar crimes, and violent and potentially severe crimes. Trust us to fight vigorously for you. We want to help keep you out of prison and free to pursue the life you were meant to live.


Daniel J. Wright’s business and real estate attorneys are the legal partner businesses of all sizes can count on. Whether you need legal assistance with business setup and formation, business contracts, corporate lawsuits, mergers and acquisitions, or debt collections, we have the legal solution you need. Our business law attorneys can provide clarity concerning both intellectual property law and business tax law, as well.


When you have a family law matter, you need an attorney you can trust and rely upon to resolve your situation favorably. Count on the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright to handle family legal matters including divorce, alimony and spousal support, child support, child custody, prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, paternity, and adoption.


When you need seasoned professionals to advocate for your best interests in civil disputes, turn to the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright. We represent clients during civil disputes, including:

  • Collections
  • Real estate disputes
  • Commercial landlord-tenant disputes
  • Personal injury cases, including car accidents
  • Other civil matters

Our passion for the law, combined with a firm belief in fighting hard for our clients at every stage of every case, is what makes us head and shoulders above the rest. Daniel J. Wright’s civil law attorneys can be the advocates you need to protect your assets, your business, and your long-term interests.

Indeed, we are known for our thoroughness, tenacity, and knowledge, and have successfully fought to secure the best possible judgments for our family law, criminal law, and civil law clients. Dedicated and accessible, you will receive the highest quality in client services to ensure your future. Call us at 301-655-8130 today!

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