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Online Crimes Lawyer Rockville, MD

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Online Crimes Lawyer Rockville, MD

If someone has defamed you or harassed you online, you need the help of our online crimes lawyer Rockville, MD recommends from the Law Office Of Daniel J. Wright. Today, social media is used more than ever by individuals and businesses alike. However, with its increasing use, social media is also a tool many may use to commit online defamation. Online defamation refers to posting or reposting a false statement that causes harm to the subject. While our online crimes lawyer in Rockville can provide one with the legal threshold of online defamation, it is important to remain vigilant when protecting one’s reputation and ability to do business from the posting of false and damaging information.

At Daniel J. Wright, our attorneys understand just how catastrophic online defamation can be to a person or business and we use all available resources to get our clients the financial compensation they deserve. If you are going through a divorce and your spouse is defaming you, reach out to our divorce lawyers Rockville, MD relies on.

Examining Recent Developments Involving Social Media Use

Online defamation may result from any number of posts, often rooted in anger, frustration, jealousy or other emotions. Consider the following examples:

  • An online discussion regarding the death of an Alabama man and comments directed at the woman who was with him at the time have led to the woman filing a suit claiming she was being defamed and cyberbullied. Of particular note are posts by the deceased’s father placing blame on the woman, which the plaintiff’s attorneys have called baseless. These posts resulted in online harassment and other threats.
  • Twitter’s application and withdrawing of its “blue tick” of support is being examined as possibly opening the company to potential action. Application of the mark has changed from indicating a “verified” account to demonstrating more a “seal of approval” by the Twitter staff. There is some thought that this sign of endorsement could make Twitter vulnerable to online defamation suits. Only time will tell.
  •  In January of 2017, just days prior to taking office, then-President-elect Donald Trump won an appeals victory over a plaintiff who claimed he made defamatory posts about her online. The New York Supreme Court, in ruling in favor of Trump, interpreted his use of wording more figurative and “hyperbolic,” and not conclusively contemptible to the point that it would damage her reputation as a political consultant or commentator.

When it comes to your personal or business reputation, post with care; make a record of potentially damaging posts directed at you for review by a legal professional to determine if action is necessary.

Our Online Crimes Lawyer in Rockville, Maryland Can Help! 

Through years of experience and in-depth study of new and emerging laws governing the use and misuse of social media, Daniel J. Wright’s online crimes lawyer in Rockville, MD provides clients with the means and resources for defending their reputation and that of their business from defamatory postings.

As foremost online defamation attorneys, we are available to meet for an initial consultation. To learn how you might benefit from their knowledge of these matters please call our office today. We can schedule a free and confidential case evaluation and determine what legal recourse you may have against the party or parties who have defamed you. Call the Law Office Of Daniel J. Wright to speak with our online crimes lawyer Rockville, Maryland relies on now! 

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