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October 17, 2017

Public Defender Vs. Private Attorney

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Public Defender Vs. Private Attorney

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, need assistance in defending your case in a court of law and cannot afford a private attorney, you may seek legal representation from a state appointed public defender.  However, hiring a public defender in lieu of a private attorney comes with many risks. If you can afford the cost to retain a private attorney, here are five reasons why you should.

What to Expect

Being faced with a crime and the consequences of that crime can be scary and stressful.  Not knowing what to expect adds additional anxiety and stress. It is always best to know the most appropriate way to prepare when you have to defend yourself for the events that will occur.  It would be wise to hire a private attorney who is familiar with such cases as yours and who knows what to expect and exactly how to prepare you.  A public defender doesn’t always have your best interest at heart and may stumble through the legal process causing a poor outcome for your case.

Having Leverage

The prosecuting team is familiar with how the system works.  When a public defender is trying your case, he may not be able to discover “holes” in your case that would be of great benefit to you.  Private attorneys are hired by you to defend them and your are their priority.  In most cases, private attorneys are much more challenging to the prosecutors because they have more leverage and will pick apart the prosecution and possible get your charges dropped.


Public defenders normally try to make money by pushing criminal cases through the system as quickly as possible.  They are not getting paid by the hour or by the client they are chosen to represent.  Your best defense is using a private attorney to represent you because he will spend more time with you and can advise you throughout the process to help assure that you are well informed on what your rights are.

Instructions and Guidance

Your private attorney will instruct and guide you through the process of your case from beginning to end.   Often times, your behavior will be scrutinized as you await your trial date so you need to be aware of that.  He will prepare you for how to conduct yourself when you enter the courtroom to face the charges of your offense.  The more prepared you are, the better the outcome of your trial.  The public defender is always pressed for time and won’t take the necessary steps to insure a favorable outcome in your case.

A Better Defense

Although your guilt or innocence is based on the state’s decision, prosecutors are well aware of how to turn evidence in their favor.  Unlike the public defender, a private attorney would be better equipped with revealing facts and uncovering crucial evidence that can be critical to your case thus, receiving a more desirable outcome for you.


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