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Scooter Accident Lawyer Rockville 

Scooter Accident Lawyer Rockville Scooter Accident Lawyer Rockville 

While a Scooter Accident Lawyer in Rockville from The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright can imagine how fun riding electric scooters can be, we strongly advise against using these to get where you need to go. We have represented many clients who have been seriously hurt due to these little electric vehicles, and have seen the devastation that can ensue. If you or someone you love is the victim in a scooter accident, then we recommend getting legal help right away. With help from a Lawyer for Scooter Accidents in Maryland, you may be entitled to compensation from the electric scooter company for your injury costs and damages. 

How Injury Or Death Can Result 

Electric scooters can speed up to 15 MPH, and while that may not seem very fast, it is enough to cause serious injury or death. Remember, scooter riders do not have any protective barrier between themselves and the ground or a car. And in many instances, the companies who let the public rent these scooters by the hour, don’t necessitate the use of helmets either. As a Rockville Scooter Accident Lawyer may tell you, injuries such as head trauma, broken bones, lacerations, road rash, and concussions aren’t uncommon.

Here are the ways that electric scooter riders can become vulnerable to injury: 

  • Road Hazards: scooter riders may crash due to hitting or swerving too quickly away from loose gravel, debris in the road, potholes, or uneven pavement.
  • Scooter Instability: electric scooters are not stable, as they have very tiny wheels and a short base, while riders have a higher center of gravity. Cruising over the smallest of bumps can result in a loss of balance. 
  • Sudden Stops: an electric scooter rider who brakes too suddenly, may cause the front wheel to lock which can then toss them over the front. 
  • Less Visibility: scooters are small, so car drivers are less inclined to see them when sharing the road. 

When Electric Scooters Malfunction

If you were riding an electric scooter when a malfunction caused you to fall or crash, then notify your Scooter Accident Lawyer in Rockville, MD of this detail during your consultation. One of the most common factors of scooter accidents is parts that failed to work as intended. For example, the brakes may fail, the electrical motor may die, the tires can pop, the handlebar stem collapses, or the throttle button may get stuck in the highest speed position. Due to how many riders may rent these electric scooters per day, the company isn’t able to replace broken parts before another person jumps on. 

Victims of electric scooter accidents must talk with a personal injury lawyer Rockville, MD residents rely on promptly if they want to increase their chances of maximum compensation from the company or other party at-fault for the crash. We offer free consultations for new clients, so you have nothing to lose by coming by to find out more information about a potential lawsuit. Please know that you do not have to just accept what has happened to you. With medical bills piling high and other losses, we can only imagine the stress you may be under. Call us today to speak with a Maryland Scooter Accident Lawyer at The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright today. 

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