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Shareholder Dispute Lawyer Rockville MD

Shareholder Dispute Lawyer Rockville MD Shareholder Dispute Lawyer Rockville MD

Are you thinking about setting up a business partnership in Maryland? If so, you need to be certain that a partnership is the appropriate legal structure for your particular business. For those seeking to go into business, there are multiple legal forms available, and each offers its own unique advantages and disadvantages. To help you assess this question, a business lawyer Rockville MD offers has put together a list of the pros and cons of forming a partnership. For more detailed information, contact a business and shareholder dispute lawyer in Rockville MD from the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright.

The Advantages Offered by Partnerships

Quick Access to Additional Capital: Starting a new business is notoriously expensive. For example, if you are operating as a sole proprietor, you will be forced to bear much of the costs by yourself. However, if you are working in a partnership, you will have quick access to additional capital, as well as cost-sharing for your fixed expenses.

Low Barrier to Entry: Compared to some other business structures, forming a partnership is relatively easy. Indeed, it is generally cheaper and faster to set up a partnership than it is to create an S-corporation. There is far less paperwork required. Further, the very nature of partnership provides considerable flexibility to the partners.

Pass-Through Taxation: Partnerships allow for pass-through taxation. In many cases, this allows for business partners to limit their total tax liability. As income earned by the business will be “passed through” and taxed to each partner personally, there will be no need for the partnership to file its own return. When forming a new business, it is always important to consider taxation as one of your expenses.

A Rockville MD Shareholder Dispute Lawyer Discusses Potential Drawbacks of Partnerships

Lack of Liability Protection: You know to consider your potential liability when forming a business. One of the biggest disadvantages of a partnership is that this legal form does not offer liability protection to the owners of the business. Partners can be held personally liable for all the debts and expenses incurred by the business.

Potential Management Issues: As partnerships are personally invested in their business, partnerships do sometimes end in fierce disputes. Should an intractable dispute arise, the partnership may even need to dissolve, in accordance with the process set forth by the state of Maryland. Before entering into a partnership, it is imperative that you have a strong partnership agreement that will fully protect your rights and interests should there be a serious disagreement. 

What is a shareholder dispute?

Our shareholder dispute lawyer in Rockville Maryland shares that a shareholder dispute is a disagreement amongst shareholders. These types of disputes can occur for several reasons. Often, disputes are the result of differences over how the company is being run, conflict amongst management, and more. 

What causes a shareholder dispute?

There can be an extended range of disputes shareholders may be contending with. Common causes for shareholder disputes that may call for the help of a Rockville Maryland shareholder dispute lawyer include:

  • A shareholder who has breached their agreement
  • Withholding essential financial information from shareholders
  • Disagreements over the direction the business is headed
  • Minority shareholders who are not treated fairly

Is a partnership disagreement the same as a shareholder dispute?

Disagreements between shareholders and partnerships may have some differences, but for the most part, both can resolve with the help of a lawyer. However, it’s essential to know that some differences may involve several parties and may even impact the daily operation of a business. This makes contacting a Rockville Maryland shareholder dispute lawyer integral to mitigate the risk of costly litigation so that you can reach a resolution as quickly as possible.  

What are some ways to mitigate the risk of a shareholder dispute? 

If you are concerned that you may be facing a shareholder dispute, it’s critical that you take action as soon as possible rather than completely ignoring the problem. Your Rockville Maryland, shareholder dispute lawyer, can provide you with a variety of options for reaching a resolution using several approaches such as mediation, arbitration, and even litigation if necessary. 

Why should I choose the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright to help me? 

Our business attorney in Rockville MD has experience in helping both majority and minority shareholders facing disputes. Having disagreements over a business partnership? When facing problems with your business, you may be facing many uncertainties. We can help. The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright can protect the interests of our clients by strategizing your case and negotiating successful outcomes. Time is of the essence, get the help you need by contacting our Rockville Maryland shareholder dispute lawyer to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. 

Managing shareholder disputes can be a highly complex process; in addition, it’s only natural that emotions will be running high. No matter the reason, we know that by involving the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright early on, we can help you to get in front of the issue quickly. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our shareholder dispute lawyer in Rockville Maryland, to get started. 

Do You Need a Business and Shareholder Dispute Lawyer in Rockville MD?

Our team is standing by, ready to assist you. At the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright, our top-rated business litigation lawyers handle all aspects of partnership cases. If you need help with any area of business law, contact our office today to set up a business and shareholder dispute lawyer Rockville MD clients recommend. 

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