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August 15, 2019

Steps to Show Your Best Self During a Child Custody Hearing

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Parents who are currently dealing with a turbulent child custody dispute, can rely on the experience of an attorney for counsel. If your dynamic with the other parent is hostile, then reaching an agreement through mediation is probably unlikely. So, what this means is you will have to prepare to the best of your ability for a child custody court hearing. We can understand how terrifying it may sound to show up in court in front of a judge, but we can help you along the way. 

Most parents are unfamiliar with and new to the area of family law legalities. We highly encourage parents who are confused and stressed out, to visit our office for a free consultation where we can answer any questions you have about what’s to come. Here we have provided just a few tips for how to show your very best self during a child custody hearing:

Get Yourself Informed About State Law

Honestly, doing your own research may only get you so far. Truth is, the average person has a very difficult time understanding the complex wording of laws and regulations. An attorney can explain to you in layman terms what certain laws mean, and how it can impact you. By trying to handle your child custody hearing alone, you may find out in the courtroom that you misinterpreted laws. 

Learn About Proper Court Etiquette

In court, you will want to remain calm and respectful the entire time. An attorney can understand that being in the courtroom can be an emotionally overwhelming experience. However, your nerves may be less active if you know about proper court etiquette and how the hearing will flow. If you speak out of turn in anger or misbehave in some other way, this can have a strongly adverse effect on the outcome of your child custody hearing. We can teach you about how to act in the courtroom, while keeping emotions reasonably in check. 

Don’t Underestimate Attire

Never disregard the impact that a first impression can make. The courtroom is not much different than getting dressed for a nice job interview. You really only get a single chance to cast yourself in a positive light. Wear clothing that is formal, ironed, fits well, and conservative. 

Be Ready with Useful Documentation 

Do not show up to your child custody hearing without the documentation you need to support the claims you are making. Beforehand, it is imperative that you meet with your attorney to talk about what paperwork is going to be useful during your hearing. Examples of documents you may need are things like financial statement, proposed parenting schedule, child’s medical records, proof of having paid child support, and anything else related to your case. 

Do not wait to get advice regarding your child custody hearing. We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to act early, so please call a law firm today to book your initial appointment with a family lawyer.

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