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July 11, 2021

The Cost of Fighting a Speeding Ticket

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A speeding ticket may not seem like a big deal at first, but it could become a problem depending on the situation, your insurance company, and your driving record. There’s a possibility the fine will be so high you can’t afford to pay it upfront. There’s a possibility you’ll lose your driving privileges. There’s also a possibility your insurance rate will spike. With so much on the line, you may want to hire DWI lawyers to help you fight the ticket, but how much will that cost you? Check it out!

The Basics

Every lawyer and every situation warrants a different cost. You can’t necessarily look at past cases to determine the exact amount you can expect to pay. You can get an idea about the basics and how lawyers typically charge. For example, most traffic tickets are handled on a case-by-case basis and at a flat fee. Most lawyers don’t charge an hourly rate to fight a traffic ticket, making such a case one of the most affordable. Some lawyers charge $50 for a brief court appearance, while others charge over $200 because the case was more complicated.

In some cases, DWI lawyers will offer a money back guarantee. If they don’t feel they can guarantee your case, they may not take it at all. Others only represent clients if they agree to a plea deal. Others charge more if the case goes through trial.

Understanding Your Details

Because your case is unique, you must speak with a lawyer to truly understand the details. You can explain your side of it to the attorney, offer proof, allow them to investigate, and then find out whether he or she thinks you’ve got a good case. Sometimes when a lawyer obtains all the details, they may feel you are better off just paying the ticket and moving on. In that situation, you can contact a new lawyer or take the advice you were given and pay for the ticket.

In contrast, you may not think you have a case but could run it by a lawyer just to be sure. They may realize you have everything necessary for a compelling case and may recommend taking it to trial.

Getting In Touch With a Lawyer

Whether you have decided to hire a lawyer from Cohen & Cohen, P.C. to fight your speeding ticket or are still unsure, at least speak with a professional who can help you understand your options. When you know a little more about the costs associated with traffic court, it might make the decision more clear.

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