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April 30, 2020

The Responsible Party in a Big Truck Accident

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If you were in an accident with a big truck, you might wonder who the liable party is. Perhaps it was clearly not your fault, but do you sue the truck driver him or herself, or is there someone else you are supposed to hold accountable? The answer could be complicated, but with an attorney by your side, it may be easier to determine who the responsible party was.

The Truck Driver

If everything checks out with the truck itself, you might be suing the truck driver. For example, the truck may have just had a tune-up, and upon further inspection, could be found to be in top condition. Perhaps the weather had nothing to do with the accident either. As investigators took a look at the drive logs, they may have noticed the driver actually drove longer hours and slept for a shorter amount of time than is required. In such a situation, the driver may be the responsible party.

The Trucking Company

Sometimes the trucking company is to blame. For example, the company might require their drivers to break the national regulations and just push for one or two extra hours on the road. Perhaps the company insisted a parcel be delivered within a time frame that wasn’t feasible unless the driver sped. Maybe the trucking company failed to offer proper inspections for the trucks on a regular basis. These could all be scenarios in which you’d probably sue the trucking company.

The Cargo Company

If the truck driver was carrying cargo for a third party, that cargo company might be to blame for the accident. For example, the cargo company may be responsible for loading their own goods onto the truck, ensuring weight limits are met and that the products are secured correctly. If the truck’s cargo was loose, it could have caused the accident. In that case, you’d more than likely sue the company that shipped and loaded the cargo.

The Truck Owner

In some cases, the truck driver leases a truck from another owner. The owner could be responsible for inspections, maintenance, and repairs. If his or her lack of care resulted in the accident, you might sue the owner of the truck.

Contacting a Lawyer to Learn More

After a truck accident, you could be dealing with a lot of issues. Contact a truck accident lawyer, like a truck accident lawyer in San Francisco, CA, to learn more about how to deal with the legal side of the situation.

Thanks to The Morales Law Firm for their insight into who the responsible party is in a big truck accident. 

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