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January 16, 2019

Tips for a Successful Divorce

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Divorce Lawyer

For some couples, divorce is going to an undeniably ugly process. It can be difficult to manage both the intense emotions associated with such separation and the legal proceedings to come. Those who need a little extra support during this turbulent time can rely on the experience of an attorney who can help people get through the strenuous process of divorce. Your attorney can empathize with the fact that your life is going to change in a way that you may not have ever predicted.

When meeting with our clients, we can offer words of legal wisdom to get them as prepared as possible for the steps leading to finalization. We have listed some of these tips here, on how to have a successful divorce:

Mediation Can Be a Great Option

Not all parting spouses are going to want to meet face-to-face to talk about difficult topics. A spouse may hire an attorney to do the communicating instead, so direct contact with the other spouse can be avoided completely. But for instances where the spouses are not filled with resentment and anger, mediation can be a great option.

A mediator is someone who can help guide conversations, so each spouse can meet in the middle regarding terms of the divorce. If both spouses are open and willing to communicate with the goal in mind to compromise, it can save both of them a substantial amount in legal fees, stress, time, and energy.

Don’t Try to Be Friends Right Now

Even if both spouses agree that divorce is the right decision, this doesn’t mean they will process in the same way. One spouse may feel guilty and heartbroken, while the other is already at the stage of forgiveness and moving on. Being amicable and cooperative can help the process move forward more smoothly. However, amidst divorce is not really the time to try and be friends.

There may be serious disputes that you are going to have to face together, such as child custody, alimony, debts, money, and more. It may feel almost impossible at times to be cordial during such discussions, especially when battling over children, pets, and property. An attorney can represent you during court hearings over such sensitive matters.

Write Everything Down and Sign It

Divorce can come along with many ups and downs, where one minute you and your spouse are agreeable, then the next you are completely against each other. Never assume that either of you are going to abide by statements made verbally, regardless of how friendly things are along the way. It may be best to play it safe by writing down anything that has been agreed upon through words, and then both you and your spouse sign it. We can help you create such documents so they are legally binding, and encourage your spouse to uphold his or her end of the bargain.

If you need help regarding your divorce, please contact a divorce lawyer trusts who can help to minimize the legal and emotional challenges that can accompany divorce.

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