Wage garnishment lawyer Rockville MD

Wage garnishment lawyer Rockville MD

A Wage garnishment lawyer Rockville MD clients rely on from the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright is proud to provide legal services for this community. We have built a reputation for being a law firm you can depend on. If you are in need of insight regarding wage garnishment and child support, then you are in the right place. You may have plenty of questions about what wage garnishment is, how you can go about requesting the court to order it, or how to fight against it. In all these cases, we can be of useful legal service to you.

Unpaid Child Support

In a parental relationship, divorce, or family court case, the judge may require that child support is paid by a certain parent. If that parent continues to not pay child support, then the court may ultimately enforce a mandatory garnishment of their wages through their employer. The parent’s employer is obligated to abide by these orders and take a portion out of the employee’s wages before they receive the full amount.

Many workers may get upset with their employer for taking money from their checks for garnishment. However, complying with an order for wage garnishment is required by law, so your employer has no choice but to follow otherwise they may face consequences. The employer has ten days after receiving the order to begin subtracting money from the upcoming paycheck of the obligator.

We recommend not trying to fight a wage garnishment through your employer, as this may cause unnecessary tension and stress. If this is the case, we can let you know how to go about halting the wage garnishment. 

Seizing of Property

As your child support lawyer Rockville MD families depend on may explain, if wage garnishment isn’t sufficient, then the custodial parent may attempt to get payments through having the court obtain your property. Property that may be vulnerable to seizing include motorcycles, houses, boats, corporate stock, vehicles, and more. To learn about other methods that the government may utilize to collect child support, call the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright today. 

Requesting a Hearing

With help from our team, you can request a court hearing. This should occur shortly after the garnishment has started. We can get you prepared for this hearing by going over the process, what you should bring, tips for the courtroom, and offering representation. During this hearing, you can state a few objections to the wage garnishment, such as:

  • The wage garnishment will result in you not having enough money to live on
  • The wage garnishment amount is incorrect
  • The other parent actively concealed your child away from you unfairly
  • You had custody of the children when the wages were taken

At your next earliest convenience, please consider calling a Maryland Wage garnishment lawyer in Rockville at the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright now for immediate support.