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July 13, 2022

What Are Some Reasons To Hire A Family Lawyer?

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Sometimes people are reluctant to hire a family lawyer because they believe it might illustrate that they have extreme problems or disagreements. However, hiring a lawyer doesn’t necessarily mean trouble, even when dealing with uncomfortable situations like divorce. Instead, hiring a family lawyer is often a preventative strategy to stop future issues from happening and make current issues smoother. So first, we’ll explore why hiring a family lawyer is a good idea. 

  1. Do You Need to Hire a Lawyer for Divorce Proceedings? 

No one likes to go through a divorce, and besides the emotional problems divorce proceedings can cause, they can also be a legal headache. As a result, spouses often hire a lawyer when they believe there might be contention. Two significant issues from a contested divorce are evenly splitting assets and ensuring you receive adequate parental rights or sole custody. 

However, even when you and your spouse are on good terms, already have a plan in mind, and want to settle the divorce amicably, you may still want to hire a family lawyer. A family lawyer will help you navigate all the paperwork, any documentation requirements, submit all the necessary paperwork, and more. Of course, if contention does exist, then hiring a lawyer is even more crucial. 

  1. Do You Need a Lawyer’s Help Handling the Adoption Process? 

If you’re in the process of adopting a child or will be soon, you might want to hire a family lawyer. The adoption process can be complicated with all sorts of legal requirements, even more so if a child’s biological parents are involved. It’s not uncommon, for example, for a child’s birth parents to try to take their child back following adoption — either legally or illegally. Having an attorney help you handle the process can prevent these issues. 

  1. Do You Need a Lawyer for Prenuptial Agreements? 

Some spouses decide they want to protect certain assets before getting married with a prenuptial agreement. An attorney can help oversee this process to ensure both parties are on the same page and intervene if any financial disagreements occur during the marriage. 

  1. Do You Need a Lawyer When Writing a Will? 

Writing a will ensures you distribute your assets to your family or other parties in the way you want. However, writing a will can be legally complicated, especially if you have a lot of assets or a vast estate. An attorney can help guide your will-writing process and ensure your children or spouse obtain the proper support you want to leave to them. 

Unfortunately, children sometimes lose out due to unintentional gaps or loopholes in a will. An attorney helps to ensure that your will leaves nothing behind and contains extra measures like naming a second executor if, for some reason, the first party is unable to or wants to perform their duties. 

These are four reasons why you may want to hire a family lawyer in Rockville, MD, but other reasons exist. The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright has a team of family law attorneys that can help, who you can contact today!

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