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Divorce Lawyers Rockville MD

What are the Legal Steps Necessary for a Divorce?In you and your spouse are unable to resolve major issues within your marriage, you may decide that a divorce is the right choice. Our divorce lawyers in Rockville MD from the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright understand how painful and turbulent this process may be for all parties involved. During this challenging time, our divorce lawyers in Rockville MD can offer you the legal insight you need in order to protect your rights. We can help you start to move on with your life by assisting you with the legalities of the divorce process.

Divorce Legalities
Depending on your state’s laws, the legal steps for a divorce may vary. One of our divorce lawyers in Rockville MD from the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright can provide more specifics about what may or may not apply in your specific situation. It is our goal to help you terminate your marriage as quickly and smoothly as possible under the circumstances. Listed here is a general guide of what the divorce process is most likely to entail:

  1. Divorce Petition: one spouse files the initial petition with the court for a divorce request. 
  2. Divorce Orders (Temporary): if a spouse wants to obtain custody of the children or is dependent on the other spouse financially, he or she can request the court to provide binding temporary rules until the divorce is finalized. 
  3. Service of Process: the spouse who initially filed for the divorce must show evidence that the other spouse received the necessary documentation pertaining to the divorce petition. One of our divorce lawyers in Rockville MD can file this petition on your behalf.
  4. Divorce Being Served (Response): the spouse who received the petition for divorce may choose to respond to the petition in addition to disagreeing with any claims the initial spouse provided as reasons for a separation. 
  5. Negotiation: the two spouses make an attempt to resolve the marriage issues and may attend mediation with a third party. During that process, both spouses can have their respective divorce lawyers in Rockville MD present with them.
  6. Trial is Scheduled: unresolved disputes between each spouse are decided by a judge after a court trial. 
  7. Order of Dissolution: the marriage is dissolved and the assets as well as debts are divided between the two parties. In addition, payment terms for spousal and child support are established. One of our divorce lawyers in Rockville MD can petition the court on your behalf and represent your needs for support.

Hiring Divorce Lawyers in Rockville MD
Handling a divorce alone without the support of one of our divorce lawyers in Rockville MD from the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright may not be in your best interests. Our legal team is experienced in handling even the most contentious and complex divorce cases. We can empathize with how much anger, resentment, and pain can be associated with divorce cases. Contact us for a free consultation with one of our divorce lawyers in Rockville MD who can help you move forward with your life as quickly as possible.