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January 06, 2022

What Happens When An Officer Gives You a Ticket?

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Getting your first ticket is not something many people celebrate. Not only is it a stressful experience to interact with an officer as if you are in trouble, but it can result in a financial burden too. Depending on your area, there are different regulations and rules for tickets. While you should abide by instructions on the citation or as informed by the officer, there are things to keep in mind when an officer is giving you a ticket:

Remain Respectful and Calm

Once you realize that the officer is giving you a ticket, you’ll feel inclined to respond angrily. While it’s understandable to feel that way, it’s better to not argue with an officer or try to convince them to take back their citation.

Provide a Signature on the Ticket

The officer may walk back to the patrol car to draft up the details needed for the ticket. Then, you will be presented with a paper copy of the ticket to sign. The citation will have details such as your name, contact, location of driving offense, posted speed limit, how fast you were driving, a preliminary court date, and the officer’s name. 

Consider Driving School Instead of Paying

If this ticket was one of your first, you may be permitted to finish a driving school course instead of paying the ticket fine. You can contact your municipal courthouse to find out more details about enrolling. Your insurance agent may also have helpful information about where and how to sign up near you. 

Receiving a ticket is more than enough to ruin someone’s day and cause hardship financially. As a traffic ticket attorney, like one from Rispoli & Borneo, P.C., would agree with, by understanding what happens when you get a ticket you feel more empowered in knowing how to handle, or fight it if needed.

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