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February 03, 2020

When do I need to hire a social security lawyer?

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If you are struggling to recover social security, and are feeling discouraged and confused about how to get it in a timely manner, you should consult a social security lawyer. When many people hear the word ‘lawyer’, they feel put off about contacting one due to their fees. However, many social security disability lawyers base their fees on federal regulations which are generally the lesser of 25% of your backpay. In general, a social security disability lawyer won’t charge more than $6,000 and only if you win your case. That being said, no two cases are exactly alike and the only way to know what you will pay a lawyer is to call them for further advice. 

When You Should Hire a Social Security Lawyer

There are many benefits to hiring a lawyer. In general, the sooner you consult a lawyer, the better. However, some people won’t do so until they are at a point in which they have been denied their disability benefits. 

You May Increase Your Chances of Approval – When you hire a social security disability lawyer, you may increase your chances of approval. While it is true that roughly 25% of applicants will receive their benefits after their first time, up to 75% are initially denied. According to the Social Security Administration and statistics, an applicant is more likely to be approved when they have a legal advocate on their side. 

Presenting Your Case – A social security lawyer understands how to present your case in a way that is favorable to your hearing and beyond. Advice can be given about your alleged onset date, as well as, meeting the requirements of the SSA’s blue book. 

Appealing a Denial – If you have been denied social security and are choosing to ask a social security lawyer for help, you should know that a reconsideration hearing may be possible. In most states, there are two levels of appeals that you can take your case to. If you plan on appealing your case, your lawyer can gather your medical records, evidence, doctors’ opinions, and more to support your reason for needing benefits. In the event of your case needing helpful testimony at your hearing, your social security lawyer may be able to help you to prepare for this on your behalf. 

When You Should Call a Lawyer?

As a general rule of thumb, the earlier you call a lawyer, the better. Even if you have not filed for social security yet, if you plan on doing so, it might be useful to ask a social security lawyer for advice and information. A lawyer can help you to understand the strength of your case, and if needed, assist you with your consultation. The only time you might want to refrain from consulting a lawyer is after you’ve submitted your application and while you are waiting for an answer. At this time, there is little a lawyer can do. In nearly any other situation, having a social security disability income attorney in Bristol, TN on your side may be beneficial. 

Thanks to The Law Office of Mark T. Hurt for their insight into Social Security disability law.

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