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March 09, 2019

White Collar Criminal Defense

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White collar criminal activity is non-violent crimes that are committed in the business or commercial world for the sole purpose of financial gain. There are many types of white collar crimes including embezzlement, tax fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, insurance fraud, mail fraud, and many other scams and frauds. Individuals can be charged with white collar crimes along with small companies or corporations.

Insider Trading and Securities Fraud

Another type of white collar crime is insider trading, which is illegally learning about the future activity of a corporation and then buying or selling securities using the information you received.

Securities fraud occurs when someone misrepresents the health or finances of a company to someone else in order to get someone else to invest in the company. Trying to persuade anyone to invest in a company by giving misleading or false information about the company is committing securities fraud. This information can be verbal or information that is falsely listed in public reports. To be guilty of securities fraud, an individual must knowingly make false statements about the business, or they at least should have known the information was not true.

Insurance and Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage and insurance frauds are some of the most common white collar crimes. People who try to make false insurance claims to collect on their policy is an example of insurance fraud on a small scale.

Scams that take money from individuals by fraudulently representing investment opportunities are considered white collar crimes.

Tax Evasion

Tax evasion is when businesses or individuals try to avoid paying taxes that they legitimately owe. You can be guilty of tax evasion by using false information on your tax returns or even transferring properly in an illegal manner to avoid the tax obligations that go along with that transaction.


Taking money from an individual or business in an illegal manner is called embezzlement. Any time money that is earmarked or set in a separate account to use in a specific manner is improperly used for something else, it can be called embezzlement. An employee that takes money from a business account and puts it in their personal account is embezzling money from their employee. Money in an escrow account cannot be used for anything other than its original intent. For example, money given as earnest money in a real estate transaction is placed in an escrow account to be applied toward the purchase price of a home at closing. If the money in this account is used in any other way, the company could be guilty of embezzlement.

Money Laundering

Money obtained illegally, through a method called money laundering is considered a white-collar crime and can be punished criminally.

Contact an Attorney

Being charged with a white collar crime is serious and is considered a criminal offense. If you are facing charges that involve possible criminal liability, contact a criminal defense lawyers Rockville, MD trusts experienced in white collar crimes to explain what t and to help you may be up against legally and to protect your rights.

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