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May 24, 2022

Why You May Need a Lawyer For a Dog Bite Incident

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Personal Injury Lawyer

Dog bite attacks are traumatizing experiences to go through, and may cause lasting physical and mental injuries. It is important that the general public understands their rights in pursuing compensation for a dog bite that they were a victim to. Dog owners must protect others from an animal that may become aggressive, and if they don’t, they could be held liable. Here are reasons why you may need a lawyer to help you after a dog bite accident:

You needed medical attention for the bite wound.

If the bite broke through the skin, then there is a risk for infection and medical treatment should be sought right away. Not only are dog bites painful, but the entire ordeal can send someone into an immediate state of distress and panic. If the bite is severe enough to warrant calling 911, don’t hesitate to do so. 

The dog that bit you may need to be reported.

If you can, identify the dog that bit you and try to find the dog’s owner. The owner’s identity will be a crucial factor in your ability to seek compensation. You may need to report the dog attack to the local animal control agency or police department. Provide details about the dog’s description, the owner’s name and address, or other contact information if you have it. 

The owner is not taking accountability for what happened.

Many dog owners are responsible, but there are plenty others who are not. Even if you were able to track down the owner and get control over the situation, they may refuse to cooperate with you. A lawyer can intervene and take legal steps towards getting the victim the restitution they need to recover. 

As a Personal Injury Lawyer from Therman Law Offices, LTD would attest to, many dog owners will attempt to elude responsibility for a dog bite because they don’t want to pay the victim’s medical bills. For this reason, a lawyer may be needed to handle the dispute between the victim and the dog’s owner.

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